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17 Surprising Statistics about Employee Retention

Does power lie in the hands of employees? In today’s job market it does, and leaders must address the causes of attrition to retain their workforce. Employee loyalty is hard to earn but ultimately the key to business success. 

7 Reasons Employees Leave (& How To Stop Them)

$16,061.76 That’s how much it takes to replace the average worker in the United States, not including obvious costs like salary and equipment.

8 Ways to Encourage Better Work-Life Balance for Your Team

How Can You Form a Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers?

How to Bond With Your Coworkers Seventeen percent of United States employees worked from home five or more days each week before the pandemic. But that quickly jumped to 44% as COVID-19 forced countless businesses to close their offices. 

6 Easy and Effective Ways to Build Team Rapport

How to Build Team Rapport Building a solid rapport with your coworkers, managers, or employees is a fantastic foundation for a productive work environment. Good team dynamics are crucial to any workplace: they create an atmosphere of trust, support, and collaboration conducive to success. 

8 Ways to Motivate Your Employees


It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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