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17 Surprising Statistics about Employee Retention

Does power lie in the hands of employees? In today’s job market it does, and leaders must address the causes of attrition to retain their workforce.Employee loyalty is hard to earn but ultimately the key to business success. 

10 Companies with Strong Employee Retention Strategies You Can Learn From

It should come as no surprise that companies that lead in employee engagement are often some of the most successful and profitable organizations. On the flipside, poor employee engagement means turnover, low morale, poor customer service, and a general blow to your bottom line.

Top 10 Reasons for High Turnover Rates

Ever wondered why certain companies are so good at retaining their team members and building up on their expertise?

7 Common (but Fixable) Causes of Employee Turnover

$16,061.76 That’s how much it takes to replace the average worker in the United States.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover (and Make Money Doing It)

The best companies truly invest in their employees with time, resources, energy, and training. So when employees walk away, that’s a lot of investment lost. In 2018, more than a quarter of U.S. employees left their jobs voluntarily (not including attrition), costing companies over $6 billion dollars. 

Four Key Employee Retention Challenges: When a Raise Isn’t Enough

Employee retention is one of the most talked-about HR challenges, and it’s not difficult to see why.