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20 Getting-to-Know-You Questions For Work That Build Trust

If you’re the type of manager who doesn’t talk to your employees that often, chances are your employees haven’t formed a strong bond with you either. This is unfortunate because the better the bond you have with your team, the happier they’ll be showing up to work each day. 

The Best Team-Building Games to Play at Work

Is it fair to say your company is made up of many strong teams consisting of employees who have each other's backs? If not, it's time to make some changes.

Jan 18

6 Tips for Managing Disruptions in the Workplace

If you have coworkers, then you have coworkers who disrupt you.

Nov 8

8 Things You Realize About Your Job After You Leave

Places of employment routinely fluctuate. People come and go. They may get fired. They may get hired. They may get a raise. They may make a lateral move. A close friend of mine recently moved on (peacefully) from an entry-level position in marketing/sales. Her final task before leaving was to go through the process of not only helping find her replacement but training the new employee as well. These are the things she realized about her job at the time and where things were headed for her future. Have you ever trained your replacement? You may have realized these things about your job too:

Oct 13

What Your Work Clothes Really Say About You

Coming up with a look for work every morning requires creativity, and you're up to the challenge. You understand that clothes communicate who you are, putting that extra spin on the words you speak and the things you do.

Oct 2

The 6 Different Characters You'll Meet at Every Tech Company

Perhaps more than any other area, the booming tech industry is rampant with stereotypes. But while outsiders see all IT and tech employees as the same pocket protector-wearing nerds, those in the business know that every man and woman plays a unique role in keeping their systems humming.