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12 Ways Technology Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Are you always on the lookout for more information on how to increase workplace productivity? 

How to Create a Truly Effective Performance Review Process

Let’s admit it: Traditional performance reviews are outdated. That’s why companies are turning to other methods of reviewing employee performance.  In fact, PwC found out that as many as 45% of employees prefer face-to-face interactions as opposed to performance reviews when it comes to managers analyzing their progress.

The Top 30 Company Culture Experts to Follow on Twitter

No platform provides more unfettered access to innovators and thought leaders in the world of talent acquisition, training, and human capital than Twitter.  Following the right people will deliver information on new trends and creative ideas right to your desktop or mobile device.  But with an endless amount of accounts on the platform, who should you follow?

23 Exciting 5-Minute Icebreaker Games for Work

19 Creative and Sincere Employee Appreciation Ideas

Today’s workplace is experiencing a shift. Employee recognition is no longer a nice to have, but a firm need to have.

6 Common Types of Leadership Styles -- How to Find Your Own Style

As a manager, you are able to tap into multiple leadership styles already. Most likely, one of them is dominant. But there are several different approaches you can tap into at the most appropriate times.