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The Top Pain Points of Performance Reviews [Infographic]

Everyone has their complaints about performance reviews. They're a pain. They don't help you with promotions. They're useless.

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The 5 Strangest Recruitment Strategies — and Why They Worked

The competition to attract top talent is stronger than ever these days. But companies want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on bringing in someone new. That’s why companies are trying new and different recruitment strategies to get people’s attention. From puzzles to publicity stunts, employers are willing to do whatever it takes to get the best people.

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7 Ideas to Help Employees Wind Down on Friday Afternoons

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How to Skip the Information Overload and Only Focus On What Matters

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6 Tips for Improving Workplace Morale, All By Yourself

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3 Reasons Why Successful Companies Hire for Culture Fit

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Why the Majority of Formal Employee Recognition Programs Don’t Work

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A Man Has a Nightmare About Being Male in a Female-Dominated Office

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4 Things Millennials Require With Performance Reviews

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Employee Engagement and Turnover in the Tech Industry [New Report]

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