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Communicate transparently with your team.

Access real-time feedback. Establish two-way communication to encourage transparency at all levels.

Keep the conversation anonymous. Gather hard-to-access insights from your team and privately message respondents without compromising their anonymity.

Get hands-on coaching. Work with our world-class Customer Success team on best practices for communicating with your team through organizational change.

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Leverage data to understand why employees are leaving and retain your best people.

Track attrition. View turnover trends month over month to discover how seasonal changes are impacting your workforce.

Create retention initiatives. Get a clear picture of the top reasons employees are leaving to guide company initiatives to reduce turnover.

Drill down into problem areas. Use Segments and Filters to analyze which managers and departments need more resources to improve retention.

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Empower employees to drive cultural change.

Solicit Suggestions. Crowdsource solutions to ongoing organizational issues from your entire workforce.

Assign Collaborators. Turn suggestions into action by assigning employees as collaborators to steer progress on cultural initiatives.

Be everywhere your employees are. Promote participation with mobile-first technology and integrations for Slack, Google Chrome, Outlook, and more.

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Accelerate employee performance through continuous coaching.

Set meaningful goals. Work with your employees to define and document short term and long term goals.

Drive performance and productivity. Track progress in 1-1 meetings, discover roadblocks to success and rate employee performance.

Get 360 feedback. Request feedback on employees from any member of the team to gain a 360 view of how they’re doing.

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Create a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Enable peer-to-peer recognition. Improve motivation by giving employees an easy way to recognize peers both in and out of their departments.

Promote company values. Tag core values when sending recognition to reinforce your guiding principles and steer employee behavior.

Reward star employees. Identify top performers who go above and beyond by getting insights from your recognition leaderboard.

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Use data to inform people practices and gauge employee sentiment.

Optimize your employee lifecycle. Manage performance with real-time data and view trends by manager or department.

Prioritize the right projects. Use detailed analytics to understand which cultural initiatives are most important to your employees.

Measure and maintain progress. Track changes to your organizational health over time with data from pulse surveys.

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Create a company culture you can be proud of.


TINYpulse provides the framework and tools for your organization to access its greatest competitive advantage: people.

Measure how happy, frustrated, or burnt-out your employees are. Get real-time employee feedback. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition and watch cross-functional collaboration grow. Gain insight into employee and manager performance. Learn cutting-edge HR best practices from our hands-on customer success experts.

Create a culture where your people can thrive with TINYpulse.

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