Don't try TINYpulse...

unless you're a leader who's committed to:

  • Change. It takes dedication and patience to improve
  • Sharing. You'll share the good and the bad with your team
  • Action. After engaging with your team, you take action

TINYpulse is a lightweight solution that captures anonymous feedback from your team to reveal insights, trends, and opportunities to improve retention, culture, and results.

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No credit card required - just a desire for happier employees

“You can't afford not to use this tool.” — Kevin Maude, CEO of Beyond Home

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Delighting Employers

"TINYpulse has provided me a layer of visibility into the organization that was never there before. I appreciate getting feedback about how employees really feel about the work environment and it is clearly my number one focus now." - Peter Chee, CEO of Thinkspace

"I'm loving TINYpulse. I'm getting a gauge on how our people are feeling about our company and hearing great feedback on how we can improve as a company." - James Wong, CEO of Avidian

"I can't imagine a simpler investment that can produce such a bonanza of valuable organization health information." - Forest Key, CEO of Buuteeq

Delighting Employees

"It has been company changing! Thank YOU!"

"Our team loves TINYpulse! We go over the answers during our Friday afternoon wrap-up meetings and it's such a great way to end the work week, especially going through the shoutouts."

"Fantastic work. A revelation to my employment attitude."

"I think it is a really good way to stay connected and on top of being a great team. My favorite part is that it is low effort and takes minimal time."

"It has had a positive impacted. I am more aware of myself and my own behavior now while at work since we started TINYpulse. It has helped me feel more valued."

Delight in Donating 1%

  • 1% of profit to a non-profit

    Donating 1% of TINYpulse profits to support entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurs' Organization
  • 1% of employees' time

    Volunteering to support entrepreneurial and non-profit causes
  • 1% of our product

    Non-profits have a culture and want happier employees too. If you're a non-profit, please
    contact us and explain how your organization would benefit from TINYpulse


After inviting your staff, see data pour in and trends revealed as your team responds anonymously every week. We curate and ask all the weekly questions so you can focus on improvement and results.

Happiness Scale


Cheers for Peers™ and Virtual Suggestions capture the recognition, extra effort and little things that are often overlooked by leaders. Now see who is receiving kudos, when you provide recognition and when you complete reviews. Viva the small stuff!


Cultural magic begins when feedback is shared back so employees know they've been heard. We make it simple to edit, click, and share each TINYpulse™ to spark dialogue and positive change.

Referable Scale
Actionable Content


You can't improve what you don't measure, so we repeat the Happiness question once a month to create trends. This complements each week's TINYpulse™, which provides low hanging fruit and longer term opportunities to improve. Benchmark your organizations performance against other organizations.


We asked a CEO, “how’s your experience with TINYpulse™?” He and his VP of Talent felt so compelled, they answered with a video plus screenshots.

“One of the Top 10 Apps Entrepreneurs Can't Live Without ” — Fast Company

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Free 14 Day Trial

No credit card required - just a desire for happier employees