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Get the tools and insights that you need to build an employee engagement strategy that works.


Grow. Retain. Recruit.

Organizations with high employee engagement see 23% higher profitability than those who score low. They're also better able to retain and recruit top talent.

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Get the formula for success.

TINYpulse by Limeade takes the guesswork out of employee feedback and surveys so that HR leaders are empowered to drive positive organizational change and improve employee engagement. 


More than just surveys.

  • Make employees feel heard with opportunities for continuous, transparent feedback
  • Get the data and tools you need to build a robust employee engagement strategy
  • Strategically act on feedback and validate that your efforts are working
  • Activate the full potential of your employees so they bring their best selves to work
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Everything you need to elevate your employee experience:


Hear from our customers.

“[TINYpulse] is building a toolset that will become very very instrumental in basically all forms of management. A toolset that is very easy to use and very frequent so that people can get into the habit of giving feedback on a regular basis, which is very useful and actionable for HR managers and leaders.”
Josh Bersin, Founder, Deloitte, Bersin
Josh Bersin, Founder
Bersin by Deloitte & Josh Bersin Academy
"TINYpulse has helped shape our culture by showing our team that the leadership team hears all their feedback and acknowledges it. We have had a lot of success driving engagement with the Cheers for Peers and on average have over 50% engagement."
Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management, Microsoft
Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management
OneDrive & SharePoint Microsoft
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