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Use TINYpulse’s Slackbot to keep employees engaged and productive all year long

Here at TINYpulse, we use Slack every day, but that doesn’t really describe the depths of our attachment to it. We use it every hour. (Slack is one of the first things I personally check when I get in to the office and when I leave, especially because some of my coworkers are 15 hours ahead of me.)

5 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Register for TINYcon

It's easy to talk yourself out of committing to an annual conference. If you are a manager, the thought of investing in your career beyond listening to podcasts and buying a couple of books can be overwhelming. If you are an HR professional, it can be even harder to ask your employer for the fees and possibly travel expenses to Seattle so that you can add value to your current role.

TINYpulse tips: organizing feedback with tags

As your employees learn the value of providing anonymous feedback through TINYpulse, you'll see you a large volume of survey responses, Virtual Suggestions, and Cheers for Peers. Keeping the responses organized to streamline workflow and categorize themes can make managing responses much more efficient. Fortunately, with the tagging feature, you'll have the proper tools to sort your responses and keep track of feedback over time. We'll go into further detail below about how to use and optimize the tagging feature. 

TINYpulse Tips - How to Create and Manage Filters

Similar to segments, filters allow you to futher organize members by characteristics of your choosing. The main difference between segments and filters is that filters will only allow you to see an average of responses rather than qualitative results. This helps protect employee anonymity while still allowing you to dig deeper and unearth some potential hidden opportunities. Some examples of filters include gender, location, position, department, manager name, and high-potential employees. 

Top 5 Reasons To Attend HR Tech in 2015

Are you gearing up for the HR-palooza that is the HR Tech Conference?

Celebrate Successes with WoW (Wall of Wins)

As leaders who care about company culture and happier employees, we use TINYpulse to gather feedback in order to promote positive change within our work environment. A lot of the hard work that goes into responding to feedback and enacting change happens in the background and isn't necessarily immediately visible by your team.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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