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Organizational Change Done Right: Examples from the Giants of the Industry

  Every company needs to embrace organizational change if they want to stay at the top of their game. But organizational change is tough. It requires vision, big budgets, and special talents in order to deliver successful results.

How Award-Winning App Data Company Reincubate Improved Performance Management

Interviewing Aidan Fitzpatrick is an exercise in forgetting your next question. The founder and CEO of Reincubate, Fitzpatrick is equal parts storyteller, showman, and data geek, which leaves me repeatedly checking my notes after he pursues a fascinating tangent. Reincubate itself qualifies as a fascinating tangent. Now ten years old, “the app data company” was founded when Fitzpatrick couldn't find a solution to recover data from his damaged phone. He built the world’s first tool for iOS data recovery; a decade later, millions use Reincubate’s products to extract and recover data that would otherwise be lost forever. As a small tech company, Reincubate prides itself on being “Lean” - it’s one of their core values. The London-based team ships product updates constantly to keep pace with all the ways people can use - and lose - data.

One Click, a TINYpulse Success Story

Angie and her husband, Randy, wanted to build a better business. One that people were excited to show up to everyday and lived up to the core values they had imagined. So, in 2005 they created One Click, an e-commerce organization aspiring to be the most people-centric eyewear company in the world. Today, they offer a variety of products that meet a diverse range of needs. Current brands include felix + iris, Sunglass Warehouse, and Readers.com.

Successful Organizational Change Is Easier Than You Think

Organizational change can cause a lot of anxiety for companies — and for good reason.

5 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Register for TINYcon

It's easy to talk yourself out of committing to an annual conference. If you are a manager, the thought of investing in your career beyond listening to podcasts and buying a couple of books can be overwhelming. If you are an HR professional, it can be even harder to ask your employer for the fees and possibly travel expenses to Seattle so that you can add value to your current role.

The 3 Best Onboarding Tips from Elite Tech Companies

Employee onboarding programs can make or break any company. 

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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