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100 Useful Performance Review Phrases

Employee performance reviews are key to offering helpful feedback to managers and employees.

The Top 50 Compliments for Coworkers

In performance reviews, words matter.

Performance Reviews: A Smart Guide to Self-Evaluating

No element of a performance review is as intimidating for employees as the self-evaluation section they need to put together themselves. A self-evaluation can change the trajectory of your career; hopefully for the better, but frequently for the worse—especially as a manager begins to question your ability to self-assess.

How to Write Constructive Feedback for Your Colleagues

Let’s face it: Giving and receiving constructive feedback is hard. Even the best managers struggle to give constructive feedback. As for employees? It’s almost even harder to hear it. 

TINYtalk #3: Spokeo CEO On How To Align Employees with Company Values

Harrison Tang, the Founder and CEO at Spokeo wrote a guest post about How Core Values Can Help Guide Employees During the Pandemic. For this week's TINYtalk, we invited him to share how they let employees define their company core values and navigate through the pandemic by listening and acting on employee feedback.  Don't miss TINYtalk #2: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture During COVID-19. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Harrison Tang, Found and CEO of Spokeo. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

20+ Team-Building Activities to Build Trust Among Coworkers [NEW activities added for remote teams]

The more your employees trust one another, the stronger and more productive your team will be. It’s that simple.