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17 Surprising Statistics about Employee Retention

Does power lie in the hands of employees? In today’s job market it does, and leaders must address the causes of attrition to retain their workforce. Employee loyalty is hard to earn but ultimately the key to business success. 

50 Questions for Your Employee Survey You Need To Know

Strategic employee engagement surveys are a great way to improve employee experience and overall business performance.

The CHRO's Guide to Performance Management

11 questions you should ask in your next performance review How often do you evaluate your employees’ performance? Is it annually? Quarterly, perhaps?

7 simple mistakes to avoid as a new manager

Starting a new position is always difficult. There’s a learning curve to the job, but you’re expected to pick everything up fast. 

Accused of Being a Micromanager? Here’s How to Change It

Are you a micromanager? How would you even know?

How I Learned to Resolve Conflict Easily: 3 Easy Steps to Conflict-Resolution at Workplace

Workplace conflict is inevitable when employees with different perspectives, backgrounds, educational levels, and different work styles work together. When conflict emerges, managers need to work diligently to solve it so that the team can continue producing at a steady clip. 

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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