7 Reasons You Should Be Using Employee Engagement Software

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Nov 26, 2021

If you're a human resources leader, chances are your job is stressful.

CHROs and VPs of HR are being called on to have answers more than ever.

With an unprecedented, pandemic-stricken economy and changes in technology, managing human capital has never been more difficult.

HR pros and leaders need to be able to respond quickly and come up with solutions for emerging problems within their organization. This can mean getting your hands on software to fix a problem before it becomes a big, widespread issue.

HR execs should rise above by developing their intuition, making themselves indispensable—and not obsolete—through decisive action backed by strong data.

If you're looking to make the most of your role as a leader the strongest way to do so is with employee engagement software.


If you’re already thinking about employee engagement software, then congratulations! You already know that it can be a powerful tool to help your company get the most out of its employees.

It’s also one of the best ways to help keep your HR department lean and organized while still giving you everything you need for tracking employee performance.

There are many reasons why an organization should look into this kind of software:

HR teams are at risk of burning out

According to Q4 2021 research by org scientist Dr. Elora Voyles, 9 of 10 HR leaders are experiencing empathy fatigue.  

This happens when professionals become emotionally exhausted from having to care for others while keeping their own feelings at bay.

The danger of this is in feeling a lack of satisfaction in one’s job and a sense of being overwhelmed by it all.

As a result, HR teams may feel increasingly challenged by their tasks, have trouble focusing on priorities, and find themselves thinking about quitting more often than staying put.

Addressing issues can take too long due to miscommunications or lack of data to make strong decisions.

Then, when issues flare up within an organization but aren't addressed quickly or effectively enough, they can balloon into full-blown crises.

This means that HR teams end up spending valuable time fixing an issue that could easily be handled ahead of time through employee engagement software.

People are quitting

If turnover in your organization is higher than normal but you don't know why this is SUPER bad.

You need to find out why and make changes. 

It’s also important to document how this turnover is happening within the organization.

You might be losing people through attrition; that is, they're leaving naturally because of retirement or moving on to other jobs. Or perhaps you're witnessing the so-called Great Resignation.

If these kinds of losses aren't factored into your company's growth projections, it could have a negative impact on its financial future.

It's not just about who is going but who stays in an organization and in what capacity.

Or they're actively looking

Employees are more likely to stay with you if they're happy at work.

Engagement software is a great way to get a sense of how likely members of certain teams are to leave your organization.

And if there's anything you can do about it before they do depart.

Finding out if people are actively looking is also the best way to identify high-priority issues within your company.

It also tells you if there's likely to be more turnover in the future, which can help you prepare for it with better recruitment plans and employee retention strategies.

Low morale may indicate that employees don't have what they need to do their jobs effectively.

They might be understaffed or overworked, or they might just find their job too boring or unclear to remain engaged.

It can also mean that company culture needs adjusting so employees feel invested in their work again instead of just going through the motions each day without joy.

Hiring is insanely hard right now

To attract the best talent many employers are simply investing more.

Some are digging into their reserves and offering ultra-attractive compensation.

Others may even be offering fully remote employment. Forever.

Some are even using employee engagement software to create compensation and benefits packages that attract top talent and help retain existing employees, like:

Flexible work schedules (plus extra vacation time and hours)

Productivity apps —tools to make their jobs easier.

On-site fitness facilities with coaches/trainers who hold them accountable during office hours

Employee recognition programs —peer to peer recognition, gift cards (for both private purchases and charitable donations), etc.

Other perks include paid health insurance coverage for spouses/kids or generous parental leave programs.

Either way, it takes serious company resources to create the right programs for employees.

Which is why engagement software can help you understand which investments are right for your employees.

Some employees feel unsafe at work

This is a frequent blindspot for leaders.

You need to know if your employees feel safe at work.

This is important to their health, happiness, and productivity.

Without the right support networks in place (like employee assistance programs), employees might start looking for other jobs or take their frustrations out on clients/customers.

Engagement software can help you track how safe your team members truly feel.

Did you know 68% of HR leaders would support a COVID vaccine mandate in their organizations?

Do you know how your employees feel?

Vaccine policy aside, with engagement software you'll be able to identify departments that might need more support due to high levels of stress.

Like overworked teams who are dealing with 16-hour days because there aren't enough people to handle demand.

Employees want more flexible work

You've probably seen headlines that remote work is here to stay.

And how big tech giants are embracing hybrid work environments as the key.

But what does that even mean? How will that impact your organization?

And what about the way you manage both on-site and remote teams? Or employees who travel more than they work from home?

Engagement software can help you identify the best way to structure work.

The more information you have, the better equipped you'll be to make adjustments as needed since management is difficult without data (or at least it's not effective).

Because employee engagement software gives leaders insight into what each team member likes, dislikes, and wants, there are fewer surprises overall.

For instance: Remote employees want clear expectations for how often they need to be available in person or online.

They also need assurance of what decisions are being made and progress toward company goals.

And greater support for mental health and wellness

3 of 4 HR leaders report employees are experiencing burnout.

Discovering how to help individual employees cope and reduce turnover is a huge task.

A task most HR teams are understaffed for

And with leadership turnover, often times HR teams are left to their own devices.

This is why employee engagement software can help with efforts to reduce burnout at work.

For instance, managers or leaders can see how stressed their team members are before they reach a breaking point.

But knowing is only half the battle—you need to take action .

Once you've identified which employees are feeling overwhelmed, have them schedule time for counseling or personal training sessions right in the engagement platform so the organization takes care of them instead of expecting individuals to take time off just because they're stressed out.

Or if most employees feel burnt out regardless of department, maybe it's time for some manager effectiveness training.


You may be reading this article because, like many HR leaders, the stress of your job is a daily reality.

The best way to respond is with employee engagement software.

There are many reasons why an organization should look into this kind of software.

Employee engagement software is essential for organizations who want to keep up with the competition. With so much change happening in the world, it's important to have a tool that will help you understand your employees and make sure they feel safe and productive.

And luckily, engagement software is one of the most affordable and effective ways to do just that.

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