5 Questions You Should Ask Before Using Employee Engagement Software

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Nov 19, 2021

You've probably heard about employee engagement software in HR circles.

The good news is it's true.

This kind of software can help you become a better leader and address blindspots in your company.

But take a step back.

Before you start searching for the best software.

If you're considering investing in an employee engagement platform, there are five questions you need to ask yourself first.

And if you're already using employee engagement software, these are great questions to make sure the software is doing its job.


Are high turnover rates a problem for your company?

High turnover can be a big issue depending on the business.

For example, turnover is a much bigger deal for roles that take a long time to fill. As opposed to entry-level jobs.

You should also know that ultra-competitive industries tend to experience a lot of turnover. Fields like technology, healthcare, and engineering.

The point is if you're worried at all about the cost of turnover, employee engagement software can help you reduce that turnover.


Does your company struggle to understand the factors that influence culture, productivity, and morale?

Many companies know there are underlying factors that contribute to high engagement.

But they don't know which ones actually make an impact to their employees and when.

If this is something you're concerned with, you'll need to invest in employee engagement software.

Employee surveys are easy to run. Find a platform that can help you deploy and quantify your results.

Make sure your software displays data about what employees like (and dislike), giving insight into why they feel the way they do, and offering specific ways for managers to improve on common pain points.

This is the tried-and-true way for managers and leaders to see how their decisions affect the organization.

Make the investment and determine which factors matter most for building a happy, high performing team.


Is your company struggling to improve employee morale?

Employee morale can be difficult to track.

But it's an important piece of the employee engagement puzzle.

If your employees aren't happy, they'll eventually quit or take their talent elsewhere.

It's only a matter of time.

Do not wait to set up employee engagement software. Especially in today's competitive job market.


Are you struggling to find time and resources to make data-driven decisions related to people?

The answer is probably yes if you aren't already tracking this data in some way.

But there are a lot of benefits to being able to accessing employee feedback quickly to do so.

Even though there is cost involved with engagement software, it's almost always worth it in comparison to recruiting costs to replace churned employees.

Or productivity decreases due to unhappiness.

Or performance issues due to low morale.


Are you committed to positive change?

It's no wonder most change initiatives fail.

Most people are afraid of change, and the process can be confusing and overwhelming.

It's easy to get comfortable with the status quo and not want to rock the boat by making changes.

Especially if you're the leader or an HR professional.

You can get stuck in this rut for years without ever achieving your true potential at work or being able to reach your goals.

Yet if you are committed to change, employee engagement software can help you become more confident as a leader.

You'll be able to measure your culture one week at a time so everyone can understand what's working well in the workplace and what needs improvement.



If you've answered yes to these questions, then employee engagement software can be an excellent investment for you.

The benefits are proven and the increased engagement will lead to smarter decisions.

Insights from engagement software will help you make better leadership choices and align your business goals with your employees' values.

We're all aware that high turnover means a company is struggling to gain momentum.

But what's often overlooked are the effects of low employee engagement on morale, culture, and productivity of the team you have.

It can be difficult for companies to make data-driven decisions without access to reliable information about their employees’ needs.

But chances are you will find answer in TINYpulse — learn more about how TINYpulse works with a 30 minute demo.

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