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Posts from David Niu

TED 2016 Dream: Leadership Insights From Day 3

How much are you willing to change? Scratch that. How much are you willing to take action? As a leader, you need to be agile. There's no winning by staying stagnant on anything — from your culture to the ideas you implement. That's what day three at TED 2016 has taught me.

TED 2016 Dream: Leadership Insights From Day 2

When you come to a conference like TED, you need to come with a sponge mentality — soak up or go home. Basically, you need to be ready to soak up every ounce of information and ideas in your surrounding environment. 

TED 2016 Dream: Leadership Insights From Day 1

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to surround yourself with the greatest and most progressive leaders in modern times. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming — but incredibly thought-provoking at the same time.

My Journey to Find Entrepreneurial Happiness

My name is David Niu, and I’m the Founder of TINYhr. I’m humbled that hundreds of organization around the world use our first offering, TINYpulse, to help engage their employees and make them happier. But TINYpulse almost didn’t happen. Over the last decade, I had been driving so hard professionally as the Founder of NetConversions and BuddyTV that I burned out. I ended up buying one way tickets to New Zealand for my wife, my 10 month old daughter, and myself to travel around the world on a careercation (career + vacation).

TINYpulse Tips - Changing TINYpulse Survey Frequencies

A common question that we get from TINYpulse administrators is if they can change the frequency of TINYpulses. With a weekly rhythm, some companies may not be able to effectively share the results, and other companies may want to better align the responses with their internal meeting tempo, which may not occur weekly. While the majority of TINYpulse users pulse weekly, we understand that it may not work for everyone.

Jun 30

TINYpulse Client Profile - Conversion Rate Experts Standing Out

We're privileged to work with clients from all around the world that deeply care about measuring and improving their organization's culture, recognition, and results. We have clients that TINYpulse on every continent except Antarctica (we're working on that!), but of course, some clients stand out more than others. One such client is Conversion Rate Experts "CRE" based in the US (New York) and Europe (UK, Germany and France). They're headed up by Ben Jesson and Dr. Karl Blanks.