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Posts from David Niu

Updated: Free WFH Essentials for COVID-19 Impacted Leaders

Helpful COVID-19 Resources: Leading in Uncharted Waters: A popular post by our Founder and CEO David Niu on how to respond to Coronavirus as a leader. Includes tips on working and managing effectively from home. How to Manage a Remote Team Effectively During Times of Uncertainty: Plenty of actionable tips and helpful information to work from home effectively. Advice to leaders on how to maintain work culture. Get TINYpulse WFH Essentials: For a limited time, get up to two free months of TINYpulse and help lead your team through the pandemic crisis with confidence.   TINYpulse is headquartered in Seattle, Washington at the United States epicenter for Coronavirus / COVID-19. I have decided to support all organizations transitioning to a Work from Home (WFH) approach by giving any team a free subscription to the TINYpulse WFH Essentials to keep their people engaged, motivated, and inspired.  Click here and our team will get you started — risk free. For any organization that chooses to continue their subscription beyond the free period, TINYpulse will donate 10% of the annual subscription to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO on their behalf. We implemented a remote / WFH policy starting last week and expect this will extend for weeks. As more and more organizations start implementing a WFH approach, I also wanted to share some valuable tips. These are the best practices that are working for us to keep our people focused and connected. 

TINYtalk: Altek Supply's Manager Month Theme and Results

Recently, I saw a LinkedIn post by Altek Supply that shared the results of the four questions they pulsed their team during May, which they dubbed "Manager Month." I was blown away by the transparency and the outstanding results of their pulses, so I had to interview Mike Atema, President and CEO of Altek Supply to learn more. Don't miss TINYtalk: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture during COVID-19. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Mike Atema. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

TINYtalk: Spokeo CEO On How To Align Employees with Company Values

Harrison Tang, the Founder and CEO at Spokeo wrote a guest post about How Core Values Can Help Guide Employees During the Pandemic. For this week's TINYtalk, we invited him to share how they let employees define their company core values and navigate through the pandemic by listening and acting on employee feedback.  Don't miss TINYtalk: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture During COVID-19. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Harrison Tang, Found and CEO of Spokeo. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

What To Pulse When Returning to Work from COVID-19

Like many of you, we felt challenged with managing the RTW (return to work) process from COVID-19. There is no one size fits all for organizations, especially ones in different locations and with different types of workers. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, we partnered with Dr. Brooks Holtom to come up with a two part RTW survey. 

TINYtalk: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture during COVID-19

We invited the culture leadership team from Step Up For Students to share how they increase communication and transparency to engage their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't miss TINYtalk: Inspiring Team Building Activities While Working from Home. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Jill LaRose, Vice President of Leadership Development; Gina Caicedo, Organizational Culture Director; and Christine Williams, Organizational Culture Manager. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

TINYtalk: eMindful - Inspiring Team Building Activities While Working from Home

  Click the video above to watch the full interview with Kindle Robison of eMindful. Or enjoy the edited transcript below. I've known Mary Pigatti, the CEO of eMindful, for nearly a decade. One fun fact is that Mary is a three time TINYpulse client and has implemented us at every stop of her career since TINYpulse was founded (thanks Mary 👏).  So when Mary and I were recently chatting about the cultural impacts of COVID-19, she shared some of the innovative remote team building activities like virtual Easter egg hunts and photo contests that her Culture Club spearheaded. I was immediately hooked and asked Mary to introduce me to the head of the culture club so that I can share their inspirational and creative team building activities with the rest of the TINYpulse community. Mary introduced me to Kindle Robison, who leads their Culture Club, and I hope Kindle's great ideas sparks some innovative remote culture building opportunities for you and your colleagues.  Don't forget to check out TINYtalk #2 on boosting culture during COVID-19.