Teneo Linguistics Company nails it on employee recognition. How did they do it?

by Estelle Pin on Jul 30, 2018 9:02:28 PM

Every year, TINYpulse sends out our annual TINYawards, a collection of awards based off of data from our app. We look for the happiest employees, the most recognized teams, the most employee-suggestions-turned-wins. With thousands of TINYpulse clients, it's a lot to sort through, but there are always a few that really stand out.

This year, Teneo Linguistics Company took home our Most Recognition award, in the professional consulting category. A foreign language services company – TLC helps businesses harness the power of language to create lasting relationships with their customers, partners, or employees. Their offerings include translation, interpreting, transcription, working with media, and similar services.

The TLC team posing with their TINYaward

Just one look at their website and you can already tell that TLC values sharing achievements, so it's no surprise that they are so good at celebrating when a colleague nails it. I asked what it is about Teneo Linguistic's culture that brings recognition. Here's what they had to say (answers come from a variety of team members):

TP: "Congratulations on winning the TINYaward for Employee Recognition! What does this award mean to you?"

Allie: It is so gratifying to know that our team has won this award, but it is also not surprising. Our company culture cultivates a supportive and encouraging environment in which to “Cheers” each other, not just on TINYpulse, but in person daily. Whether it’s a “great job” in the break room after a long & complicated project, or a shout out at one of our meetings, everyone here feels appreciated.

TP: "Why is it important to recognize employees for their contributions and accomplishments?"

Sonja: Well, that is easy: it makes us happier. And when we are happy, we are motivated to go above and beyond to keep that win-win relationship going. It keeps us connected and focused. It gives us a sense of belonging.

It’s a way of letting the employees know they are not just a cog in the machine. They are valued, their opinions are valued, and any success the company achieves is thanks to the employees. -Cam

TP: "Less than 1% of TINYpulse customers receive this award. What do you think led to your win? What is it about Teneo Linguistics Company that encourages employee recognition?"

 Nick: Most of us wear several hats, depending on the need. Cheers allow us to recognize each other and express our thanks when we help each other or when we notice someone doing well in a certain area. The collaborative, close-knit environment at TLC is perfect for employee recognition.

TP: "What do you do to maintain that culture of recognition throughout the year?"

Heather: Every morning in our stand-meeting, we all state our gratitude. It doesn’t have to be something you're grateful for in that moment or even day. You can mention something that happened a week ago or something that’s to come. We typically use this time to express our gratitude for others and our gratitude for the team.

Sharon: We maintain that culture throughout the year by discussing our TINYpulse responses at monthly meetings, by frequently sending Cheers, and by selecting an “Employee of the Month” to park in the one, special, covered parking spot. This choice is made more significant by the fact that the current recipient chooses the next, and must justify their choice to the rest of the team each month.

TLC Team Photo

TP: "Was there a particular Cheers that stood out in 2017 that you can share?"

Evelyn: Most of the Cheers sent were thanking someone else for their help with a project or thanking them for helping someone learn new things. This demonstrates we are here to help each other grow and achieve our goals.

Heather: I got this one from Sonja: "Three cheers for Heather, who is an octopus, is on top of everything, and no detail escapes her eye!!!" 

Miguel: It’s always wonderful to receive Cheers, and they’re all motivating! The following one from Heather stands out: “You've done an excellent job with interpreting, coordinating, juggling the interns, and your projects. I'm especially grateful for what you help me with and how compassionate you are with customers and their last-minute requests.” It’s great to know everything you do around here is recognized, even the small things you might consider “insignificant”. It motivates you to continue doing what you’re doing and lets you know that your work has a positive impact on others.

TP: "How does recognition (and the “Cheers for Peers” feature) relate to your work values and culture at Teneo Linguistics Company?"

Arianna: We work individually, but we are a team. We are always happy to help a coworker and w: e are grateful for that. When we have a question or a doubt, we share it and listen to what our coworkers think, because we value their opinion. 

Team Teneo Selfie at the Fort Worth Zoo Run

Miguel: This feature is important because it allows us to show our gratitude towards our coworkers, and gratitude is a major part of the culture here at TLC. Being grateful and appreciative towards our coworkers makes working alongside one another a wonderful, and pleasant experience!

TP: "How did Teneo Linguistics Company employees become so prolific at sending Cheers? Did it happen immediately?"

Hana: Our values are: integrity, excellence, partnership, and gratitude, so I do see a very direct fit here with being grateful to each other and supportive of each other. Furthermore, our Core Purpose statement says that the family of our employees is the heart and soul of our brand. In other words, we are very deeply convinced that employee happiness directly translates into the success of our business.

Organizational Change

TP: "Who are some of the Cheers Leaders within Teneo Linguistics Company? What can other employees learn from how they use the platform?"

Hana: Sharon West, who has been with the company the longest, not only sends a high number of cheers, she is also very creative with them – adding pictures, or short videos to illustrate her point. It is contagious!

TP: "In one sentence, can you give us your best advice for other companies looking to improve their employee happiness?"

Allie: Create an environment for employees that cultivates gratitude and appreciation in all areas of the business and show that you truly care about each other.

Hana: Transparency about what the company stands for, what are the values and purpose, and culture, along with promoting the daily attitude of gratitude seem to do the trick for us!


Employee Recognition Awards recognize organizations with the highest Cheers for Peers per capita for the year. Cheers for Peers is one of TINYpulse’s most popular features. It allows employees to send “Cheers” – messages that recognize and celebrate coworkers and their accomplishments – from anywhere.

A full list of winners can be seen at TINYpulse’s site.


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