TINYpulse's Commitment To Anonymity

If you run an anonymous survey — we will protect your employees' identities.

Anonymity is frequently a strong foundation for honest, constructive, and insightful feedback.

If you run an anonymous survey we take multiple measures to protect employee identities.

Remember not all TINYpulse surveys and assessments are anonymous. Learn more about survey types here.

  1. Engage survey responses, both quantitative and qualitative, are always anonymous. The administrator(s) can never see who submitted which response.
  2. The administrator(s) cannot see who did or who did not respond to the survey question. They are only able to see the aggregate user response, like "47 out of 62 responded to this survey".
  3. We do not reveal Engage survey results unless the organization has five or more employees. If an organization has fewer than five users, we will withhold results until five employees have been invited.
  4. If an organization uses our segmentation feature, at least five employees must belong to the segment in order to view filtered results. If there are fewer than five employees in a segment, we roll the results into the all responses group and the results can’t be filtered by that segment.
  5. Suggestions submitted through TINYpulse are always anonymous. If your organization enables Employee Portal, however, any public comments to an anonymous suggestion are non-anonymous. Commenters will always be notified that their comment to a suggestion will reveal their identity.
  6. The administrator(s) can private message a survey responder about their response or virtual suggestion and you have the option but not the obligation to respond back anonymously. In order to maintain anonymity, notifications are time-delayed and your identity is never revealed.
  7. We provide Cheers senders the option to give Cheers for Peers either with their name associated with it or anonymously.
  8. Onboard surveys are non-anonymous to make sure new hires have the tools and training to set them up for success. Once added to the Onboard pulse cadence, the Onboard administrator and manager of the new hire will be able to view Onboard survey responses non-anonymously so they can work with the responder to make real-time improvements.
  9. Coach activity (excluding anonymous 360 Feedback requests) is non-anonymous to help responders align with and report to their manager. Responders for non-anonymous 360 Feedback requests will always be notified that their feedback will reveal their identity.