TINYpulse makes employee engagement solutions for over 1,000 businesses, including Michelin, EMC, Stitch Fix, and Capital One. TINYpulse Engage offers leaders a way to take the pulse of their workforce by helping them collect unvarnished feedback from employees. TINYpulse Perform is a performance management tool that helps leaders facilitate 1:1 meetings to improve employee performance and achieve company goals.

At TINYpulse, we believe people are the most important asset your organization has. So keeping them happy is just as critical as any other part of your business.

We’re here to help make that happen.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to DELIGHT. At the heart of TINYpulse are our company values:

Delight customers
Elect to spread positivity
Lead with solutions and embrace change
Increase communication with transparency
Go the extra mile with passion
Hold oneself accountable "Big Freedom = Big Accountability"
Treasure culture and freedom

We live and breathe by these values — they guide every major decision we make. And they create a culture that delights our customers and our colleagues.

1% Product, 1% Time, 1% Profit

We believe that every workplace should have happy employees. We give away 1% of our product to deserving nonprofits, because people doing good in the world deserve to do it in a positive work culture.

Happy employees need great communities as well as great workplaces, so we volunteer 1% of our time to support organizations that are helping improve our neighborhoods. Every quarter, the entire TINYpulse team bands together to do our part.

We also donate 1% of our profits to the Entrepreneurs' Organization, so we can help other great companies grow.

The TINYpulse team helping to make the Jubilee Women's Center spick-and-span.
The TINYpulse team preps lunch for hungry folks at The Salvation Army.
The TINYpulse team packs up thousands of pounds of food for Northwest Harvest food bank.

Peek Behind the Curtain

TINYpulse began in 2012 when serial entrepreneur David Niu sold his belongings and bought one-way tickets to New Zealand for himself, his wife, and baby daughter. He turned the worldwide trip into his Careercation, taking the opportunity to interview entrepreneurs from various industries and companies. Focusing on one thing they all had in common — the challenges of managing and retaining employees — he created TINYpulse to give leaders a pulse on how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their employees are.

Since then, David has grown the company to reach employees around the globe, with clients ranging from start-ups to enterprises and across all industries. He continues to support employee engagement by speaking to employees, business leaders, and human resources professionals, and has delivered keynote speeches at the Society for Human Resource Management and other trade organizations.

To happier employees!