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42 Essential Employee Survey Questions from Scientific Research 

We handpicked the top 3 questions with the highest response rates from each of our 14 question categories. Conduct a comprehensive company 360 to inform your next leadership decision. 

Here are the leading indicators of employee engagement you can measure and improve: 


- Attrition

- Attract Talent

- Collaborative Culture

- Effective Management

- Fast Start (Employee Onboarding)

- Growth and Development

- Happiness

- Inspirational Leadership

- Job Embeddedness

- Performance

- Organization

- Diversity and Inclusion

- Communication

- Empowered Work environment 




Choose the right frequency for your employee survey:

  • Pulse Survey: While annual employee surveys are long, pulse surveys are short and contain only one question. Pulsing is done on a much more frequent basis — like once per week or every two weeks. You can also use these brief surveys to ask your employees how happy they are at work every month and benchmark the results over time to monitor trends. 
  • Flexible Survey: Ask any questions, to anyone, at any time.  Flexible surveys are not an alternative but a supplement to what pulse surveys do for your organization. You’re getting more options to understand your employees and uncover the quick actionable insights you need to make the best decisions.
  • PEAK Assessment: The only annual survey you’ll need to monitor employee performance. This assessment provides a 47-question survey developed by industry experts at Georgetown University to analyze individual performance, attrition, embeddedness, and core employee happiness drivers.
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