Show off your happiness score with a TINYbadge

Organizations use TINYpulse because they’re passionate about the happiness of their employees. With a TINYbadge - a petite, attractive badge that can be displayed on any website with custom HTML - you can show the world just how excellent your workplace is.

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TINYbadges display your Happiness Score

Your Happiness Score is calculated regularly, using responses to pulse surveys asking employees “How happy are you at work?”.

Why Happiness?

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Your TINYbadge can live on any website that allows custom HTML. It’s simple and straightforward to copy and paste.

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What does the TINYbadge say about where I work?
Great question. Displaying a TINYbadge showcases:
Your investment in the happiness of current and future employees
A TINYbadge is a great recruitment tool and tells people that you care about employee engagement.
Your commitment to transparency regarding your organization
Remember that the Happiness Score updates live on the TINYbadge, giving site visitors a window into the current condition of your organization.
Your status as a highly-engaged workplace
TINYpulse created TINYbadges because institutions requested a way to exhibit the employee happiness they’d achieved, right from the product they use to measure it.
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