FREE Employee Satisfaction survey template

Measure the Right Things at the Right Time

Designing employee surveys can be overwhelming at first. Start off on the right foot with the 9 survey templates that are proven to drive better leadership decisions across the organization. 
- COVID-19 Assessment
- Work from Home Readiness
- Pre-Return to Work Assessment
- Post-Return to Work Assessment
- Social Justice
- Manager Effectiveness
- Merger & Acquisition
- Diversity & Inclusion
- Health & Wellness


FREE Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates


How to use the 9 employee survey templates:

  • Identify your objective: Determine the goal of your survey and what do you want to measure. 
  • Ask the right survey questions: Review and choose a survey template that fits your current needs. 
  • Set the frequency: Survey fatigue is real. Measuring and improving employee engagement on a regular basis will give you the best quality responses. 
  • Send out the survey and share back the results: Don't forget to close the feedback loop by sharing your survey results and your action plan with employees.
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