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Posts from Robby Berman

What Immediately Happens to Other Employees When Their Coworkers Quit

Employee retention is always difficult, and when your best people leave, it’s especially painful. Not only do you miss out on your strongest employees’ skills, knowledge, and contributions, you also have to deal with the remaining members of your team who will likely be upset, discouraged, or worse.

How to Connect With Employees at Every Stage in Their Careers

Consider this, the person you hired is a slightly different person a year later, and a few years after that, and so on. You may never completely lock into people who just pass through your company, but for employees who dig into their jobs with you, those jobs become their careers. And a career — just like the individual who has it — has a life cycle, with different stages, each of which carries with it different goals and a different mindset.

The 7 Qualities of a Great Leader: Do You Have Them?

Larry Kim is the founder of online ad agency WordStream, and he recently wrote an article for Inc. listing the seven traits of a great leader. Curious to find out how many of them you have? Let’s dig in and see.

Apr 21

Stage a Plane Crash for Team-Building. Seriously.

Nothing bonds people like cheating death together, right? The intensity of overcoming terrifying odds and surviving disaster can’t help but foster deep and profound connections. That’s the idea, anyway, behind a new leadership and team-building curriculum being offered by Survival Systems USA. The danger isn’t real, but the bonding could well be.

Apr 19

These Criteria Tell You When It’s Time to Let Someone Go

Odds are you don’t enjoy having to fire a member of the team. For the most part, you’re interested in employee retention. Oh, sure, every now and then it’s an easy call and you can’t wait to see the back of someone, but most of the time it’s a difficult decision you’d prefer to avoid. It’s also an event that can have legal ramifications for the company if the employee believes they’ve received unfair treatment.

Apr 18

4 Questions to Get Your Team Focused on the Future

No one can know the future but, in business, you have to try.