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Posts from Jennifer Miller

Real-Life Solutions for Employee Engagement

As a manager you know that keeping employees engaged is important, but what exactly does it look like? According to best-selling author Kevin Kruse, who wrote Employee Engagement is for Everyone, engaged employees are those who use “discretionary effort” and are willing to go the extra mile. They have an emotional commitment to the organization and its goals.

How to Have Effective 1:1 Meetings

Many meetings are deemed a waste of time, but there’s one type that should prevail with your management team: one-to-one time with employees. According to a survey conducted by Training Magazine and the Ken Blanchard companies, 73% of employees say they meet at least once a month with their work team leaders. While that’s an impressive number, it still means that over a quarter of your workforce isn’t getting consistent, high-value face time with their boss. Opportunities to build employee engagement are being left on the table.

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Management Style for Business Growth

Is your senior leadership team a group of strategy rock stars? After that last off-site planning session, did the team come back pumped with the new direction to take your growing company? The indicators are there: sales are climbing, profits are strong, and customer satisfaction is steady.