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3 Tips to Better Manage your Meetings

It’s Monday morning and you roll into the office, fully caffeinated and brimming with hope of a productive week (ok, I exaggerate-- you’re probably half-asleep and still daydreaming about your weekend). You fire up your computer, give a round of friendly greetings to your colleagues, and turn cheerfully to your calendar to see what the week has in store.

Apr 12

The winner of "Happiest Company" and "Most Recognition", Renewal by Andersen, give us their employee engagement takeaways

TINYpulse has announced the winners of the third annual TINYawards. TINyawards are given to organizations which have exceptional scores for their industry within TINYpulse's employee engagement platform. Telefluent Communication Inc. (Renewal by Andersen) won Happiest Organization and Most Recognition 2017 within the competitive Telecommunications category. This means that they had the highest average employee happiness score within Telecommunications. It also means that their employees sent out the highest volume of Cheers for Peers per capita within their category in 2017 . I connected with Christina Schmit, Director of Talent Acquisition for Renewal by Andersen. Here’s what she has to share:  

Build Killer Project Management Communication Skills in 3 Simple Steps

Project management can be a tough job. No matter how you approach it, coordinating people and resources to achieve a common goal is challenging. Sometimes it can feel like herding cats. Other times it can feel like chasing a runaway train. But when all the pieces come together perfectly (...or close enough), it can feel like conducting a beautiful symphony.

DevFacto & TINYpulse: Better Communication, Better Ideas, Better Business

Committed to Culture from Day One When Chris Izquierdo and David Cronin started DevFacto in 2007, people told them it wouldn’t work. They were investing too much in their employees. How could they spend that much time and money on employee happiness and expect to stay in business? Clearly, this would be DevFacto’s downfall. Eleven years later and 125 employees strong, DevFacto obviously did something right.

One Click, a TINYpulse Success Story

Angie and her husband, Randy, wanted to build a better business. One that people were excited to show up to everyday and lived up to the core values they had imagined. So, in 2005 they created One Click, an e-commerce organization aspiring to be the most people-centric eyewear company in the world. Today, they offer a variety of products that meet a diverse range of needs. Current brands include felix + iris, Sunglass Warehouse, and

9 HR Thought-Leaders to Follow in 2018

  Need a new resolution heading into 2018? Forget dieting and gym memberships. Why not commit to being a better manager and growing happier employees? This resolution isn’t as hard as you may think. You can get started by updating your Twitter feed to show the latest news in employee engagement, leadership, and HR best practices. By reading one article a day, you can improve yourself and influence your company.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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