Get ready for the reimagined TINYpulse Engage

These are such massive developments, we almost had to change our name to BIGpulse.

TINYpulse Engage is rolling out some major product enhancements this fall and you'll soon be on your way to even happier and more engaged employees. These powerful capabilities will help employee engagement go up, while your workload goes down. Administration will be easier and more efficient, while promoting transparency and collaboration throughout your entire organization.


Weekly feedback is so 2015. Make real-time pulsing your new standard.

The new TINYpulse Engage experience for employees will revolutionize how you get feedback from your workforce. Employee focused functionality has been designed to boost engagement and lower administration time for happier employees and a better workplace.

Know exactly which issues are most important by streaming feedback to a public feed. Everyone can anonymously collaborate by voting for their favorites, commenting, and tracking which issues are being addressed by company leaders. Administration is a breeze because employees will highlight which feedback has the highest priority and the biggest impact.

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Optimized Administrator Dashboard

Improve company culture, engage employees, and get real, honest feedback.

Enjoy all of the TINYpulse Engage functionality that’s loved by 1000+ customers on a reimagined Administrator Dashboard. Responses and metrics are optimally displayed to give you all of the information you need at a glance.

It's now easier than ever to compare between your team and company averages. See the latest sentiment trends to understand where your strengths are and where you can make the biggest improvements with your team.


Instantly save time while making better decisions.

TINYpulse Engage’s machine learning detects themes in your survey responses instantly and easily, and displays results using powerful graphing technology.

Point-and-click decision making is brought to your fingertips by quickly identifying areas that require focus, feedback, and attention from your company and team. And once you have a clear idea of your direction, respond to your employee base at the touch of a button.

And there's much more, but we want you to discover it for yourself. Start your free trial now and your team can be among the first to see the new face of TINYpulse Engage.

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