In just the past 12-18 months, more and more organizations have been denouncing traditional approaches to strategic human capital management, more specifically in the area of performance management (PM). In some cases, organizations have completely retired their PM programs, which means no ratings, forced distributions, or even annual reviews. In other cases, they have moved to something lighter that involves more frequent check-ins, either on a weekly, monthly, or biannual basis. Some with ratings, some without.

This is where some of the latest innovations in HR technology have made such conversations possible and made the performance review process less bulky, lighter, but at the same time more effective and substantial in its impact.

But reliance on tech alone to aid in delivery of better feedback on performance is not the holy grail. Nor is changing the frequency of that feedback. Orgs still need to train managers on how to deliver effective feedback and on how to set goals that will intrinsically motivate their employees.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is behind all these companies ditching the traditional annual performance review process?
  • How has technology changed the performance management game?
  • Best practices in next-generation performance management

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Michael_MoonDr. Michael M. Moon is the Principal Consultant and Founder of MMM & Associates, an HCM consultancy that provides advisory and research services to HCM vendors and corporations. Her areas of expertise include: performance/talent management, engagement, culture, social technology, social capital, HR analytics, systems thinking, and HR Technology.

Prior to starting her own firm, Dr. Moon more recently served as the Research Director for Aberdeen Group’s Human Capital Management practice. Dr. Moon also has 15 years of experience as an HR practitioner, working for Thomson Reuters, Vistaprint, Aon Hewitt, Raytheon, and John Hancock. She is a highly sought speaker on the topics of HR analytics, social technology adoption in organizations, and employee engagement. She received her PhD in Human Capital Management from Bellevue University and her Master’s in HR from Suffolk University. Currently, Dr. Moon resides just south of Boston, MA with her daughter, Mia.