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It's not easy for anyone to open up to anonymous feedback, much less the leader of a company or department. But that's exactly what TINYpulse administrators commit to, and that's why we tell leaders to NOT use TINYpulse unless they are committed to change, sharing feedback, and then taking action based on that feedback.

We are highlighting the top companies who are passionately dedicated to monitoring and improving their company culture. These organizations are also committed to recognition via Cheers for Peers and responding to virtual suggestions. These companies aren't just winning a once-a-year survey. They are dedicated on a continual basis. Bravo!

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Testimonials from Top Companies

Goktug Dazkir, Senior Engineer

“I am always impressed with our company's desire to thrive by working really hard to make Concept a likeable place for everyone. TINYpulse is one of those smart initiatives at Concept that helps us to do a sanity check on happiness factor of people and identify loose ends to tie. TINYpulse is easy to use, fun to interact with and a great tool to let everyone know about things you don't like or concerned with anonymously. On the flip side, TINYpulse helps management to develop a thicker skin, easily see some of the common pains around the company and provide with the opportunity to show people that they care about them by taking solid actions to address these issues. I believe TINYpulse will play a key role in preventing having a disconnect between the management and the employees as we grow as a company. Also, Cheers for Peers will help employees to strengthen their relationship with peers by showing appreciation for others.”

Joan Rose, PMO Director

“One doesn't have to look far to find study after study citing the myriad benefits of employee recognition. Despite that, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day business demands that too often, the really good work can go unnoticed. Enter TINYpulse. They've made it simple and speedy to offer "Cheers for Peers". This quick tool both reminds you, and makes it simple, to offer specific positive feedback to anyone in your organization. It's crazy how both giving and receiving these "Cheers" can put a positive spin on a challenging work week. Thanks to TINYpulse for what they do, and to our Executives for embracing it and working to act on suggestions.”

Ed Diehl, President

“It is very important to us that we maintain the culture we've fostered since founding the company in 1999. As we've grown and added offices maintaining that culture gets more challenging. TINYpulse has been a great way to verify that we are living up to the promises that we've made to our employees. The format, using simple, regular surveys works much better for our management team than a lengthy annual survey. We get regular, open, honest feedback from our employees, and the feedback is actionable; we've implemented changes already based on the feedback. I like to think that everyone here feels comfortable voicing their opinion and discussing concerns with management simply by walking into my office and having a conversation. For the most part that is the case. But TINYpulse provides a venue for those people who are not necessarily comfortable with that approach, or due to their location can't simply walk into my office. The Cheers for Peers feature is an added bonus; it is getting used constantly to recognize individual contributors. We have a very open, team oriented culture here.”

Engineer Professionals

David Hancock, Founder/MD

“TINYpulse has been great for our culture. It has facilitated very frank, honest feedback across the company. We now know about any cultural issues, however small, as soon as they arise. This allows us to address them openly and transparently at the next company-wide meeting before they fester. The 'Cheers' feature – through which the team can publically thank, congratulate and praise one another – has led to an even tighter team dynamic where people feel truly appreciated. We've also received many clever ideas through 'Virtual Suggestions' which has led to excellent improvements to our business. Unsurprisingly, the best ideas have come from our people closest to the customer and I think the anonymity of the platform has helped with that. TINYpulse has been the catalyst for a highly-engaged team and a very happy, healthy workplace.”

Ryan Bodycote, Customer Service Specialist

“TINYpulse has been a great tool for opening up discussions about ways to improve our company. Knowing that your feedback or suggestions are being recognised is a rewarding feeling. 'Cheers for peers' also really helped me find my feet when I first started at Geeks2U. Thanks to TINYpulse, one of my ideas regarding our offsite laptop repair centre has now opened up the floor for the discussion about improving the current process, which really makes me feel like my opinions have value within the company.”

Caitlyn Hennesy, Assistant Team Leader

“TINYpulse was a great opportunity for me to build confidence. It's all about having that more casual forum to discuss suggestions or questions that you've had but maybe didn't have the courage to talk about in a formal setting. By getting positive responses from my ideas, I was able to build that self belief that allowed me to broach these topics without an anonymous setting. This assisted in my development at Geeks2U and in turn I recently received a promotion to Assistant Team Leader!”

Justin Trevena, Customer Satisfaction Manager

“When using TINYpulse it's quite interesting to see how other people in the company perceive certain aspects of how the business is run. Being in a position that deals with the technical and customer service aside of things, it's a great way to ensure you're covering all avenues! With TINYpulse's anonymity you can put forward a thought or suggestion without worrying about how silly or weird it might be. Comments and suggestions are then covered during our fortnightly meetings which invariably lead to some great group discussions. Without this, many "outside of the box" suggestions may never see the light of day and one of these ideas could be a game changer for the business. One of the best 'outside the box' suggestions led to us completely changing how discounts were approved in the contact centre. Previously, our customer service specialists had to get a team leader's approval to offer a discount to a customer when their technician was running late, even though it was always given. An 'outside the box' suggestion from one customer service specialist led to a policy change that gave everyone the authority to approve customer discounts up to 10%. This cut out an inefficient, bureaucratic process and has saved a lot of time!”

Work, Life, Fun @ Geeks2U

Kevin O'Connor, CEO

“I encourage employees to come to me anytime with feedback, but it can be tough to separate the one-off issues from patterns. TINYpulse has been a huge help in identifying the issues that our team members find most important. When I see that a quarter of our team wants healthier snacks or a larger gym area, I know it's worth the investment. As our company continues to grow, TINYpulse also allows us to break out feedback into sub-groups within the company. For example, Engineering might want a quieter workspace, but not Sales. This helps us get actionable insights while keeping responses anonymous.”

Marine Schumann, Marketing

“I remember the first time I received a Cheers for Peers message. I had just started at FindTheBest and I was about to present my first project. I didn't know about TINYpulse yet, but my coworker commended me for the level of detail and devotion I had put into my first task at the company. This small support just brightened my day and gave me confidence to present! The cheers feature is really smart and it has helped to strengthen relationships between the team.”

Ben Taylor, Editorial Development

“TinyPULSE is dead-simple—I can submit five quick bullets of feedback in 2 minutes—it never interrupts my workflow. But TINYpulse is also fun. Even the most feedback-averse employees will get a kick out of questions like, "If your company were an animal, what would it be and why?" or "If your CEO were played by an actor, who would that actor be?" If it seems like you're only getting feedback from the same three or four people every week, TINYpulse will draw in the rest of your company.”

A fun video FindTheBest made about their company culture

Peter Hardingham, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

“A really good example of [the benefits of TINYpulse] is the development of ways to measure performance so that each consultant has a better understanding of their contributions to Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) – the ideas for the metric we now use came directly out of the responses to TINYpulse questions, helping to drive a closer-knit team culture based on the feedback from each of us.”

Ben Jesson, CEO & Founder

“We asked a question on transparency recently, and we didn't score as highly as we expected. We followed up with an 'ask us anything' [custom] question and we shared our responses with the whole team—this was really well received and we're going to do it regularly. Thanks to TINYpulse we were able to identify and directly address the issue extremely quickly and effectively.”

Karl Blanks, Chairman & Founder

“Several members of team asked—via TINYpulse—for an official system of announcing company news. Previously, we had announced news ad hoc. Now, on Tuesdays we ask everyone for their news, then we read it out at the start of our weekly meetings. In case anyone isn't present at the meeting, we then email the news to everyone in the company.”

A video of our company get-together

Daniel McPherson, Director/Co-Founder

“As a start-up company, we valued transparency from the very beginning. This made the introduction of TinyPulse a straight forward idea. We’ve been really happy with the result, realising that some people just prefer to give more detailed suggestions/feedback in writing as opposed to face-to-face. It has helped us to ensure everyone has a voice, and the more concerns raised the better. People adopted TINYpulse quickly and now it is a part of our culture.For instance, there was a lot of feedback concerning the quality of the office lunch provided, this turned into the formation of a 'Food Committee' which meets every week, reads any suggestion/feedback and determines the next weeks menu. Also, feedback we received via the site also translated directly into an enhanced and simplified leave structure.”

Pratik Mandore, SharePoint Consultant

“Even before Zevenseas introduced TINYpulse, it always was open for suggestions, but people weren’t too comfortable sharing suggestions fearing it could be taken negatively or would that impact appraisals. With TINYpulse, we get an opportunity to speak on any topic without disclosing our identity. The questions asked are very precise, this way I can write my honest views about company. Next best part is showcasing of results and discussion on steps taken by organisation for improvements happening periodically during our monthly all hands meet. Some said chairs were bad, and new chairs were ordered by forming a committee of employees, some spoke about not so good food quality and caterers were changed. We got new Coffee machines, new hardwares, and many things got improved and are getting improved. Well, who can forget the "cheers for peers". feels so great to receive a cheer or to express thanks in so easy yet in so beautiful way.”

Company culture

Chris Henry, Director of Technical Services

“HCSS takes immense pride in providing employees with the best work environment possible. We have a strong culture and encourage our employees to be self-driven and independent. Our business has been growing rapidly, and we wanted to ensure that the culture we had worked so hard to create stayed strong during this growth. In the past, HCSS had sent out quarterly surveys, but they didn’t seem to give good insight into how our employees really felt. Then at a conference in May 2014, a speaker mentioned the great benefits he’d seen from implementing TINYpulse. We signed up for a demo account after researching the platform and were sold by the very first question: “Can you recite your company mission, vision, and values?” Those are a huge part of our culture atHCSS! We rolled out TINYpulse the next day and quickly noticed great improvement in employee happiness, reduced stress levels, and creating an open environment to share and implement new ideas. TINYpulse’s format is simple and easy to use, and the questions are insightful. The feedback started rolling in almost immediately. We have improved our Happiness score and implemented numerous new ideas that probably would have never been introduced if not for TINYpulse.”

Mark LeClair, Product Support Specialist (HeavyBid)

“One of the things that attracted me to HCSS when I first started here more than three years ago was the attitude of the executives and the culture they’ve fostered. A lot of companies put forth this façade, but then they show their true colors. That is not the case with HCSS. This company’s commitment to wellness initiatives, happiness and improvement surveys, and the “open door” management style proves they care. The implementation of the TINYpulse system simply reinforces what I already knew: HCSS cares so much about employee wellness that they are willing to pay for a service that provides anonymous avenue to express concerns. The anonymity of TINYpulse shows that management wants us to speak freely without fear of repercussions. It’s one thing to make this offer—to say, “Hey, look, we care!” and then never act on it. But HCSS management displays an exceptional level of commitment to its employees by actively soliciting our thoughts and suggestions, then acting on those suggestions to improve overall culture and policies.HCSS has developed action items and quarterly goals that are a direct result of TINYpulse feedback received from employees. And while HCSS has always done a great job of recognizing employees that go above and beyond, management realized that sometimes employees would like to pat each other on the back as well. TINYpulse’s “Cheers for Peers” system allows us to do that. When I receive a cheer, my day instantly perks up, and I feel motivated to help my fellow employees in any way I can. It is amazing how much positive power is contained in a simple “I appreciate everything you do, thank you.” I’ve already seen camaraderie within the company increase as a direct result of the cheers. HCSS’s unique attitude toward culture, pledge to build the best possible environment for employees, and commitment to these high standards makes them the best company I have ever worked for in 22 years in the workforce. It is also what makes TINYpulse a wild success here. If HCSS wasn’t committed to making positive improvements and keeping employees happy, we wouldn’t be filling out surveys each week. Participation would drop to zero if we felt our responses were being ignored. That’s what makes HCSS awesome.”

Admir Hadziabulic, Technical Support Supervisor

“HCSS had been looking for an effective method of gathering employee input and suggestions for a very long time. Our previous quarterly surveys to all employees received only 10-15 percent participation, and the feedback was not always usable. Sometimes we didn’t ask the right questions, and we could not guarantee respondents’ anonymity with a simple online survey. When Chris [Henry] asked me to research TINYpulse, I read about their commitment to anonymity, their sample questions, and company mission. I was immediately convinced that this was the tool for us. When we sent out the first questions to employees, I assigned one employee as an administrator and asked everyone who was not convinced about the survey’s anonymity to get with him to see what information was visible to the administrator. We made it clear to employees that we purchased TINYpulse to have issues brought to our attention before they became bigger problems. Who submitted those issues was not important. We have used the feedback gathered to improve our work environment. We are more transparent about our goals and projects, every meeting has a cascading message, and we have placed more emphasis on employee development. We have also implemented fun ideas, such as cookouts, ice cream socials, movie nights and more. Thank you, TINYpulse, for allowing us to make HCSS an even better place to work.”

Femi Ariyo, IT Solutions Manager

“HCSS is truly committed to its employees, and our managers work hard to ensure the success of the employees by seeking feedback and suggestions. TINYpulse has been a great tool for HCSS to do just that. We are also fortunate to have someone dedicated to managing TINYpulse who has thereby become the voice of all employees. Managers meet weekly to discuss the survey results and suggestions put forth, and they try to strategically provide solutions to matters raised in the responses. In one scenario, various employees commented about not having quick access to their supervisors because they were always in meetings. The solution was “No Meeting Thursdays.” Many thought it was a joke, and that it would fizzle out in a matter of weeks. But I’m happy to say that “No Meeting Thursdays” has been a huge success, thanks to supportive managers, TINYpulse anonymous surveys, and—most important—an employee that wants change.”

Our culture / recruitment video

Ruben Timmerman, founder & CEO

“When your company grows, you don't hear everything you need to hear at the lunch table anymore. Also it gets a lot harder to distinguish between one person with a problem, patterns that reoccur, and ideas that keep coming back for a good reason. I've found TINYpulse to do something that I'd want my ideal self to do, but too often falls between the cracks: constantly asking the team for feedback and improvements. On top of that, it's a really great archive to visit every now and then for inspiration on how to improve our company and culture. The real kicker? All those Cheers people give each other, that really makes an impact and is just something that you'd otherwise never have. The cheers we read from and about others are always a source of inspiration, because you'd normally miss that (if its a person-to-person conversation). For instance, one employee thanked another for a business trip to see customers abroad they took together, and that prompted another team to plan one too since it's been too long since they did one. We also introduced Holacracy, leading to much shorter and concreter meetings, as well as more autonomous teams. This resulted in a lack of cross-team sync as well as missing a "team feel", the soft side of meetings that makes them run for too long but can also be fun. This wasn't a concrete suggestion, as much as a recurring theme in feedback, that I chose to address and then finetune in our FTHM (Friday Town Hall Meeting) where people can put anything on the agenda and we demo stuff to each other.”

Rik Matena, product manager

“Seeing as we are very data-driven in pretty much all aspects of our product development, it made a lot of sense to us to measure our team's happiness. We believe in numbers and the results have shown why: several 'unchill' things have come up via TinyPulse's feedback tool and since been improved. Next to that, you just feel super good when a work-buddy gives you a cheers!”

Debbie van Veen, Smooth Ops Manager

“TinyPulse gives me the opportunity to stand still for one moment in the week and really check how things are going at work. But also, and just as important in having a channel where I can give feedback and make suggestions, I can read what my colleagues think. Quite often, there are things I have never thought of, suggestions of colleagues that inspire and make you think. For example, our Do It Live Fridays (choosing mini projects with multi-disciplinary teams to deploy before the weekend, usually small fun things, accompanied by a beer or two)! I had no idea how much I missed that start-up atmosphere, until someone mentioned it as a suggestion and we just started doing it again... And I loooove the cheers!”

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  3. Must drive tangible improvements to culture based on the shared feedback

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  1. Must receive a quote from the employer and employee. The quote should detail how committed the company is to continually monitoring, sharing, and improving their internal culture and recognition. Of course, the best quotes have concrete examples.
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