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It's not easy for anyone to open up to anonymous feedback, much less the leader of a company or department. But that's exactly what TINYpulse administrators commit to, and that's why we tell leaders to NOT use TINYpulse unless they are committed to change, sharing feedback, and then taking action based on that feedback.

We are highlighting the top companies who are passionately dedicated to monitoring and improving their company culture. These organizations are also committed to recognition via Cheers for Peers and responding to virtual suggestions. These companies aren't just winning a once-a-year survey. They are dedicated on a continual basis. Bravo!

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Testimonials from Top Companies

Kevin O’Connor, CEO

“I encourage employees to come to me anytime with feedback, but it can be tough to separate the one-off issues from patterns. TINYpulse has been a huge help in identifying the issues that our team members find most important. When I see that a quarter of our team wants healthier snacks or a larger gym area, I know it's worth the investment. As our company continues to grow, TINYpulse also allows us to break out feedback into sub-groups within the company. For example, Engineering might want a quieter workspace, but not Sales. This helps us get actionable insights while keeping responses anonymous.”

Marine Schumann, Marketing

“I remember the first time I received a Cheers for Peers message. I had just started at FindTheBest and I was about to present my first project. I didn’t know about TINYpulse yet, but my coworker commended me for the level of detail and devotion I had put into my first task at the company. This small support just brightened my day and gave me confidence to present! The cheers feature is really smart and it has helped to strengthen relationships between the team.”

Ben Taylor, Editorial Development

“TinyPULSE is dead-simple—I can submit five quick bullets of feedback in 2 minutes—it never interrupts my workflow. But TINYpulse is also fun. Even the most feedback-averse employees will get a kick out of questions like, “If your company were an animal, what would it be and why?” or “If your CEO were played by an actor, who would that actor be?” If it seems like you’re only getting feedback from the same three or four people every week, TINYpulse will draw in the rest of your company.”

A fun video FindTheBest made about their company culture

Peter Hardingham, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

“A really good example of [the benefits of TINYpulse] is the development of ways to measure performance so that each consultant has a better understanding of their contributions to Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) – the ideas for the metrics we now use came directly out of the responses to TINYpulse questions, helping to drive a closer-knit team culture based on the feedback from each of us.”

Ben Jesson, CEO & Founder

“We asked a question on transparency recently, and we didn't score as highly as we expected. We followed up with an 'ask us anything' [custom] question and we shared our responses with the whole team—this was really well received and we're going to do it regularly. Thanks to TINYpulse we were able to identify and directly address the issue extremely quickly and effectively.”

Karl Blanks, Chairman & Founder

“Several members of team asked—via TINYpulse—for an official system of announcing company news. Previously, we had announced news ad hoc. Now, on Tuesdays we ask everyone for their news, then we read it out at the start of our weekly meetings. In case anyone isn't present at the meeting, we then email the news to everyone in the company.”

A video of our company get-together

Top Company Criteria

  1. Must have be TINYpulsing for at least 2 months
  2. Must share TINYpulse results consistently back with team
  3. Must drive tangible improvements to culture based on the shared feedback

To Apply for Top Company Recognition

  1. Must receive a quote from the employer and employee. The quote should detail how committed the company is to continually monitoring, sharing, and improving their internal culture and recognition. Of course, the best quotes have concrete examples.
  2. Include a high resolution logo of your company if you are approved for us to use.
  3. Since we’re TINYpulse and not HUGEpulse, feel free to have fun and even submit a video with a quote for us to consider and use. Woot!
  4. Then email your submission to We’re committed to reviewing and responding to each submission.