guideone-cio-employee-engagement-580x377.jpgIf you're a CIO or someone who manages employees in the tech space, you know how hard it is to compete for top talent.
What if you could find out exactly what was driving your employees to quit?
The CIO of GuideOne Insurance uncovered a strategy that helped him identify pain points and make improvements that cut his team's attrition rate from 12.0% to 3.1%.
Download The Guide to Retention for CIOs to learn:
  • The crucial step GuideOne's CIO took in his first 3 months
  • His go-to method for gathering real, actionable feedback from his team
  • How he got the rest of senior leadership involved
  • What he does each week to keep turnover down
“My time commitment is about an hour a week [...] and it’s the best hour I’ll ever spend every week.”
— CIO, GuideOne Insurance
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