tinypulse_ipad_smaller-1.pngThis is such a massive development, we almost had to change our name to BIGpulse. 

This fall, we're launching a new TINYpulse experience - codename: Project Water Cooler - that will revolutionize how you get feedback from employees. Project Water Cooler is a new type of dashboard in your TINYpulse Engage account that will include feaures like:

  • TINYpulse Feed: We wanted to create an experience for employees and admins that would increase engagement with TINYpulse. The engagement feed rewards employees after they answer their survey question with a Twitter-like scroll showing (anonymous) survey responses, virtual suggestions, and Cheers for Peers. 
  • Social Voting: Employees can interact with content in the feed by upvoting or downvoting survey responses and virtual suggestions. By crowdsourcing feedback, your employees decide which feedback is most important, which means less time sorting through responses and suggestions. 
  • New Admin Controls: You'll still have complete control over what employees see, including the ability to hide innapropriate content. You'll also be able to turn the Project Water Cooler dashboard on and off whenver you want. 
  • Total Redesign: Project Water Cooler is part of a larger redesign of TINYpulse. Look forward to a better user experience, more intuititive controls, and a more seamless integration with TINYpulse Perform.  

And there's much more, but we want you to discover it for yourself. Sign up now* and we'll put you on the beta testing waitlist so you and your team can be among the first to try the future of TINYpulse!

*You'll need a TINYpulse Engage account to try out the new feature. If you don't have one, sign up for a FREE trial here

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