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"We wanted to get a pulse on how people were feeling about all the process changes and proceedures... That's why we selected TINYpulse."
Noralee Severns, VP of Human Resources
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We had a couple of different reasons for choosing TINYpulse. When I went to SHWorldwide, which has been two years ago now, the CEO had only been with the company for a year and there had been a lot of changes that had been made. We wanted to get a pulse, if you will, on where we were with regards to how people were feeling about all the process changes and the procedures that we changed. We also have a multi-generational workforce in our company. Everybody from baby boomers, like myself, to millennials. That presents some challenges itself. We wanted to better understand all of that better, and we've been able to do that. But that was why we selected TINYpulse. Awesome.

When I ask a question or I need some help with something, I never wait a day. Whereas with some of the other vendors that we used and I ask a question, I may not hear back for several days. I'm over the top impressed with the customer service that you guys give. It's just absolutely great.

It was a couple of months ago. We had this tiny punch that came through. It was quite the rant about, of all things, the kitchen and the refrigerator, and how it gets cleaned out, and how food gets thrown out, and how upsetting that was to people. I just looked at it and thought, oh my gosh, because it's the little things that make a difference in a workplace. I think sometimes people expect the big problems, but it's the little things that really gnaw at people. I just got up from my desk, walked into the CEO's office, and said, "Okay. This is what we're going to do." We put on everyone's calendar when the refrigerator gets cleaned out. We said, "We're doing this change in how we handle the kitchen based on TINYpulse's input." Everybody has a flowered lunch bag they keep their things in, in the refrigerator. As silly as that sounds, that was a huge win and a big wow for us. Everybody's happy. They love the kitchen.