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How Microsoft Gave Leaders More Time For Employee Onboarding

“So the minute that you start in our organization, maybe that week, you would know about TINYpulse because we would send you an email. And that email tells you some key bits of information about the team that you're on, where to get resources, and it gives you a big blurb about TINYpulse. So it tells you, "You're going to start receiving onboarding questions from this awesome tool called TINYpulse. Please know those questions are not confidential. We are going to know who you are and we are going to see your answers." However, after week three, you are going to start receiving questions through TINYpulse that are completely confidential. We hope you'll be honest with us. We don't do the onboarding questions confidential because we truly want to help you and know who you are if you're having a sucky experience. So that goes in there, and they just start on week two receiving question one, question two, and question three of the onboarding process.”
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