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How to measure and improve employee happiness to prevent turnover

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"If you care about employee satisfaction, employee engagement, employee retention, TINYpulse is the tool you need."

Justin Swanberg, Director of Finance & Operations

Employee Feedback at Your Fingertips

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At Stratacore, we're IT matchmakers. We help companies optimize their IT infrastructure services, and broker the best options for them. Our culture is one that is very much a work hard, play hard mentality, like a typical startup would be, but we also pride ourselves in the professionalism that we bring to our clients and to what we do every day. Part of the growing pains of a startup company is trying to figure out who you need to have on your team to grow and be successful. It's been important for us to find ways to continue to attract and retain that same type of mentality, that same characteristic, those same types of people. When I first heard about TINYpulse, the concept was brilliant. Trying to find a way to consistently have that pulse on your employees is difficult, and so as soon as I learned about TINYpulse, it was a no brainer for us. One of my favorite features about TINYpulse is the happiness question, and at first, because it's so frequent, a lot of our company kind of scoffed at it because we're happy. Why wouldn't we? But over time there was a time where there was a non-happy person. There was a score that was below our benchmark, and since we had that benchmark, and we were asking this so often, it was a huge red flag to us. So, through the use of the anonymous chat feature, we were able to have a conversation with the individual, without knowing who it was, to the point where they felt comfortable coming to us and explaining why it is that they were unhappy. Working through it, we were able to not only have that employee stay on board, but is now more engaged, and his back up to our happiness benchmark. A company would be crazy not to use TINYpulse because it's too easy not to use. If you care about employee satisfaction, employee engagement, employee retention, TINYpulse is the tool you need.