Cosatto: Making uncomfortable workplace conversations easier


Leveraging Anonymous Feedback to Keep a Colorful Culture Thriving

Cosatto is a company that prides itself on having an open culture. As a business that understands the value of measuring performance, they were looking for a way to measure their most important resource: people.

We liven up pushchairs, travel systems, and car seats with innovative fabrics and patterns. To bring personality to our products, we need passionate people who enjoy having fun. You can’t be dull - you have to be colorful.

Our culture is very, very open, and we’re constantly working to find new ways to push employee engagement across the whole company. We have parties, social events, BBQs, and other great initiatives to keep employees motivated and excited to be at work. And our efforts have paid off. We are a previous winner of a Great Places to Work® award in the United Kingdom for small businesses.

We also wanted a way to measure things on a regular basis so we could keep track of the natural ups and downs of employee happiness. We heard about what we were looking for.

steve green

"TINYpulse is one of the most successful pieces of software I’ve ever implemented."

Steve Green, Finance Director

TINYpulse quickly became a part of Cosatto’s culture. Employees adopted it immediately, company leadership communicated results regularly, and the payoff has been an average response rate of 60%.

TINYpulse is one of the most successful pieces of software I’ve ever implemented. It was quick to learn and very intuitive. It barely takes any time to maintain - perhaps a couple of hours a month.

When we introduced TINYpulse, our employees took to it immediately. We send the survey every two weeks, then meet as a board of directors to review the results and come up with action plans for tackling the feedback. We share TINYpulse results alongside the business performance at our monthly company meetings. This includes both good news and bad news, and we follow up on issues via email and private messaging.

One thing that really resonated was Cheers for Peers. Employees love how personal the recognition feels and value that it comes directly from their colleagues.

We consistently get a 60% response rate, and sometimes higher. Our employees have really embraced TINYpulse.

People were skeptical at first that TINYpulse is totally anonymous, but as they’ve realized that it really is, they’ve become more and more confident in giving feedback they wouldn’t normally give. That’s been a big plus for the company.

One example is the feedback we have received about our two open-plan offices lacking the “wow” look and feel that exists in our showroom, meeting rooms, Chill Out Room, restrooms, and library. The feedback led to the creation of a Tidy Friday Initiative, where one department checks the tidiness of another department (like IT checking on Design) scores them from a checklist. We use Yammer to capture photos and comments to track improvements. TINYpulse feedback has also recently provided some fantastic suggestions from our employees for creating their ideal workspaces, which we plan to introduce over the next 12 months.

These are the kinds of issues that people may have been reluctant to bring up before. But TINYpulse lets our team share feedback about things that matter to them without the awkward feeling of bringing them up in front of everyone.

We reward honesty with a commitment to action. If we just surveyed everyone but didn’t do anything about their feedback, they would stop responding. By acting on their input, we show the team that we’re really invested in them, and it keeps them invested in continuing to offer feedback. And of course, the benefit of all that useful feedback is that it helps make us a great place to work!.

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