How to preserve a thriving, vibrant, and open culture

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"I consider TINYpulse one of the main ingredients of our secret sauce in bringing this amazing culture to life every day. I'm not sure what we would do without it!"

Amy Patton, Director of Culture & Well-Being

Employee Feedback at Your Fingertips

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Limeade aims to help our clients' employees be happier, healthier, and higher performing. At Limeade it's really important that we hire people that are aligned with our values. So we signed up for TINYPulse because we felt like it was critical that we're able to stay aligned and getting ongoing feedback from our employees to make sure that they know that we care and they're being heard in ways that we can improve our culture. It took no time at all for us to set up TINYPulse. It really was like a plug and play. We do weekly surveys at TINYPulse so we can get timely feedback and be able to act on it quickly when necessary. One of our values is to speak plainly. And so this tool is the perfect opportunity for our employees to be honest. And I feel like it's a safe place to express their concerns or happy moments too. So one question that we actually asked recently was what new features would you like to see in our new office space? And we got some amazing ideas which we were able to incorporate into the space to bring our culture to life, including themed conference rooms, a basketball hoop, scooters. We have a gym with showers, which was really important to people being a wellbeing company. But you have people came into the office feeling like they were heard. They saw these things come to life. And at that moment, once again, we just appreciate it, having these surveys. I think TINYPulse is an extremely valuable tool from an HR standpoint because it's hard to get that transparent feedback from your employees. And when you're responsible for culture, I can look at the culture broadly or I can look at it within a team. You don't feel like you're ever out of touch. You always feel like you're connected and intertwined within each group or as a company. I consider a TINYPulse one of the main ingredients to our secret sauce of bringing this amazing culture to life every day. And I'm not sure what we would do without it.