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Leveraging Employee Surveys to Win Top Talent

ADURO was doubling every year in size, and they needed a way to preserve the collaborative, open culture that their team had come to cherish. And as a company devoted to making other companies’ workforces healthy and engaged, they knew they needed to do the same for their own team members.

ADURO is a fast-paced, growing organization. We’ve doubled year over year in both revenue and number of team members since 2009. Over the past couple of years, we went from all working together in one space where everyone knew each other on a personal level to several compartmentalized spaces and a lot of new faces. There wasn’t the same level of connection that we all used to feel, and it was communally bringing us down.

As an organization, we’re focused on helping our clients’ employees be their highest-performing selves, which means being healthy, managing stress levels, and working collaboratively. But helping clients do this meant we had to do this for our team members too, and we needed a tool to make it happen.

Once our organization decided to use TINYpulse, we got it up and running in no time. Actually learning how to use TINYpulse was really simple. It took about two weeks for us to decide how to communicate the initiative to the team and how to roll it out. Our team has been really responsive and regularly takes their TINYpulse surveys, and our team uses it to have their voices heard.

toni best

“TINYpulse is a tool every company needs to foster great employee relationships that lead to great client relationships.”

Toni Best, Chief Human Performance Officer

With a young, fast-growing employee base, the company needed to stay on top of team members’ benefits expectations. Feedback from TINYpulse clearly showed the team wanted a 401(k) plan, something the leadership team had already been considering. ADURO acted and ended up with nearly all team members signed up to the newly launched plan, a record for their 401(k) provider.

As we grow, our company has offered benefits that fit with our core values and culture. With a relatively young workforce, sometimes it makes it hard to know exactly which benefits our team members expect or want from their workplace and which ones are less important.

We had considered introducing a 401(k) plan, but it’s a benefit that takes significant time and effort to implement, and we weren’t sure that it was on our team’s wish list. TINYpulse cleared that up. A question came up about what our organization could do to better support our team, and sure enough, we saw lots of people mention 401(k)’s.

Our team members spoke, and we acted on their feedback. A week after we launched the plan, our 401(k) provider let us know that our company opt-in rate was over 95% versus the 20% average for other companies. If it hadn’t been for TINYpulse, we would have likely delayed offering a benefit that our employees clearly wanted. TINYpulse feedback made all the difference.

toni best

It gives us data to show candidates how much people actually like working here and how energized they are by their colleagues.

Toni Best, Chief Human Performance Officer

ADURO worked hard to develop an open and positive culture, and they sought to reinforce that culture through their hiring and onboarding experience. Their TINYpulse learnings are shared with their job candidates to communicate what a great culture they have. They also include it in their onboarding process to reinforce their commitment to collecting candid employee feedback and making material changes to preserve their vibrant workplace.

We’re focused on preserving our culture, and we want to make sure that as we continue growing quickly we hire people that preserve our culture. One tool we have to attract this highly motivated talent is TINYpulse. Thanks to amazing feedback, we don’t just say we have a great culture. We can actually prove it.

Survey responses to questions like “rate your colleagues and peers” show how much our team members value their coworkers. And it gives us data to show candidates how much people actually like working here and how energized they are by their colleagues.

This carries through to our onboarding process as well. We introduce all new team members to TINYpulse on their first day of onboarding, and we stress that we are committed to gathering employee feedback and using it to tackle stressful situations.

It’s one reason we share our happiness trend graph during the onboarding process. We aren’t afraid to point to periods in our company’s life where we’ve had ups and down in happiness.

Instead, it gives us an opportunity to show that we listened to our team, enacted changes to address their concerns, and were able to turn the situation around. It’s concrete evidence that shows how focused we are on preserving our vibrant culture.

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