How Do Great Managers Get To Know Employees So Well?

"Coach has definitely allowed us as an organization to shift the focus."
Kacie Alexander, Employee Engagement Manager
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When you're talking about coaching employees, and goals, and expectations, it all starts with trust, and trust starts with relationship building, and how do you build relationships? One-on-one time together. Before we started using coach, we definitely encouraged our managers to have monthly one-on-ones, but we had no way of knowing if that was happening, and for us as an organization, I think we're moving in a direction that it's not necessarily the rating that's important, it's the why, the behavior behind it.

If you are struggling or you are killing it, why is that happening? And so, we kind of approach a coach and the one-on-one specifically from a journaling aspect. The more the employee puts into it, the more they're going to get out of it, the easier it is for their manager to provide that coaching and support that they need, because the employee has gone and journaled, provided details about what's gone on in that last month. The manager gets to review that. They get a chance to respond. They either give kudos, coaching advice.

A lot of times I'll have managers that will ask an employee to share that with their teams, so if they are doing something that's making them very successful, or helping them achieve their goal, why wouldn't you want to share that? We would want everyone to have access to the information. It's definitely allowed us as an organization to shift the focus from, great, did you or did you not make your goal? Okay, cool. Yes, you hit your long goal, or yeah, you nailed that project. Yeah, that's great, but what behavior led to that? And so, then we can take those behaviors and share them with everyone on our teams.