Introducing TINYpulse Bot

The best way to measure and improve employee satisfaction

Slack Users Love TINYpulse Bot

“Like a gift from above, the TINYpulse/Slack integration was bestowed upon us. Our participation rates skyrocketed, and WE were thanked by our employees for making their lives even easier!! They called the new integration a "game-changer." Thank you TINYpulse!!!”

Leah Roe
VP of Finance & Operations, Healthfinch

TINYpulse Bot brings key features to Slack
Survey Questions
TINYpulse Bot will message you personally as soon as a new survey arrives. Respond right from Slack and TINYpulse Bot will deliver your response to admins.
Send Suggestions
Use the suggestion command in Slack to submit helpful suggestions.
Cheers for Peers
Send Cheers right from Slack. Installing TINYpulse bot creates a #cheers4peers Slack channel that displays all Cheers.
TINYpulse Bot is all for anonymity - your communications with TINYpulse Bot are all through private messaging.

Happy Employees Are 31% More Productive

Boost your team productivity with TINYpulse

TINYpulse Bot is Easy to Use

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have TINYpulse talking to Slack. The setup was quick, the flow and integration of TINY-bot seamless, and the bridge between both tools immediately gave us an uptick in responses from those more prone to use Slack for their daily chatter via survey insights, suggestions, and cheers!”

Brandon Linn
Sr. Talent Management Specialist, Accolade