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Track Performance in Real-Time

Get instant insights on how your employees & teams are performing

Real-Time Tracking
Frequently updated performance data allows for swift and timely improvements.
Simple & Efficient
Complete review process in just a few clicks with anytime, anywhere access.
100% Transparent
Foster a culture of feedback & transparency. No more unpleasant surprises.

Easy as 1-2-3

Manage performance in 3 simple steps:
1. Start With Clear Goals

Create goals at different levels of your company to align teams on common objectives. Well-defined goals will help employees get clear on their tasks and feel extra motivated.

2. Rate Performance

Get instant notifications when it's time to rate performance and simply swipe up, down, or right to submit your rating. Add comments and feedback for further clarification.

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3. View Trends & Insights

Know exactly where you and your employees stand at any moment by tracking performance on the dashboards.

You can also get bird-eye's view on your company's performance to quickly spot superstars or areas that need improvements.

Customers Love Us

More than 1200 companies are supercharging their performance with TINYpulse

"I love how Perform nudges me weekly to evaluate the performance of individuals on my team far more regularly than I normally would."

Adrienne Szewczyk Director of App Services, Lextech

"TINYpulse Perform helps us track what’s important in regard to performance. It’s simple to use and the best way to keep everyone on the same page."

Cory Archer Director of Support, DataBank IMX

"TINYpulse Perform is useful because it allows managers to easily apply the same goals to many people. Employees can create their own goals so everyone is continually working towards higher performance."

Rebecca Reott Director of HR, Hanapin Marketing

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