Do The Math: The 'Cost' Of Using TINYpulse

Do The Math:
The 'Cost' Of Using TINYpulse

Number of employees
Average salary of employees
Average yearly turnover percentage
Annual amount saved using TINYpulse
Current cost to rehire new employees
Cost of TINYpulse
Employees saved using TINYpulse
Reduced cost to rehire using TINYpulse

Cost of TINYpulse based on the $10 Per Seat Pricing

US Median household income is $53,657 based on the 2014 US Census

Low paying jobs (<$30,000) can cost 16% annual salary to replace. Moderate paying jobs ($30-$75,000) can cost 20% annual salary to replace. High paying jobs (>$75,000) can cost as much as 213% annual salary to replace. Percentages from There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees by Heather Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn of Center for American Progress

The average total turnover rate reported across industries by employers in 2015 is relatively flat at 16.4 percent according to Compdata Surveys' national survey, BenchmarkPro, surveying 28,000 organizations.

Default value for reduced turnover based on the Bersin Getting to the Heart of Engagement case study.