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Spread the Love With a Survey-Based Recognition Tool

Integrating peer-to-peer recognition in your survey does wonders to increase engagement, build team spirit, and just make people feel good at work.

Ample studies show that recognition impacts people in a big way, especially at the office. Just look at these stats from Bersin & Associates. It found that organizations with effective recognition programs:

  • Enjoy a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate versus companies with no such programs
  • Experience 14% higher employee engagement and productivity than those without recognition

The challenge lies in what type of recognition program to use. Legacy programs that gift watches, pins, or plaques for years of service are highly dated and reflect a time when employees spent 25 years or more at a job. And as Talent Analyst and Management Consultant Lesley Schumacher reports, even cash isn’t enough of a motivator in today’s millennial-filled workforce.

The one constant motivator today is peer recognition

In our TINYpulse Employee Engagement Survey, we found that employee happiness depends more on the relationship between an employee and their coworkers than with their direct manager. As a result, a recognition system shouldn’t be limited to the manager-subordinate relationship. Instead, it should tap the entire peer network to reflect the shift toward cross-functional teams and multidisciplinary roles in today’s workplaces.

So creating an easy-to-use channel for people to frequently share gratitude makes great sense and leads not only to more positive work environments but higher employee retention in the long run.

If you’re implementing an unobtrusive, easy-to-use online survey regularly, take the time to also integrate a peer-recognition feature for employees to call out coworkers who have gone above and beyond, demonstrated great teamwork or customer service, or somehow demonstrated the company values in an exceptional way. It’s an inexpensive and simple tool to share gratitude and set a company standard for visibly promoting good behavior.

Just be sure employees can actually see their recognition. Unseen recognition is like not getting any recognition at all.

Client: A global healthcare company
Challenge: How to help celebrate the little wins

Story: Our client was an extremely large employer who knew that no team manager could possibly keep up with all the positive things happening on their team. But our client wanted to acknowledge all acts — big or small — that employees contributed that helped improve company culture as well as improved the company’s overall financial performance.

Our client implemented the TINYpulse Cheers for Peers feature, which lets one employee recognize another for anything they feel their colleague deserves.

Here are just a few Cheers one employee received over time:

What started as a slow trickle quickly turned into a flood of Cheers. Employees started getting so excited about giving Cheers that they looked forward to the weekly employee survey. Not only did morale grow thanks to implementing survey-based recognition but so did response rates.

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