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Spice Up Questions to Get Better Survey Responses

We can all agree that tasks are always easier to complete if they’re fun and engaging, and adding a little humor or unexpected elements in the workplace can go a great way to increasing employee engagement. As Forbes notes, humor is a great tool for putting colleagues at ease and has been found to help build trust, morale, and productivity. Surveys are certainly not an exception to this rule.

Adding unpredictable questions into your surveys increases the chance of employees looking forward to surveys and completing the answers needed to garner these insights.

For example, consider the following question asked in our TINYpulse survey: "What would be your company’s theme song, and why?" Imagine seeing one employee choose the theme from Rocky, while another chooses R.E.M.’s "It’s the End of the World as We Know It."

Seeing which theme songs are chosen goes a long way to gauging your employees’ perception of your company. By including the follow-up question of why they chose that song, a manager can zero in on problem areas that they were unaware of, or they may come to understand that an issue is much larger than they originally thought.

What may seem light and fluffy can actually be a deeply probing question. So do yourself a favor, lighten up, and add some humor to your surveys. You’ll be amazed at the insights you uncover.

Why Uniqueness Works
Client: Premier multimedia agency
Challenge: How to gain insight into employee perception about a company’s life cycle

Story: One of our TINYpulse survey questions is, "If our company were an animal, what animal would we be?" Mike Rose, the CEO of Mojo Media Labs, a Dallas-based inbound marketing agency, recounted two very different answers he received to this question.

One employee said their company was a cheetah because it was "fast, nimble, and strong." However, another employee called the company a “baby cheetah” because they were “still growing, learning, but getting faster and stronger each day.” These two employees listed the same animals, just in extremely different life stages.

Mike was grateful for this insight. It allowed him to have open conversations with his team about the company’s development and opportunities for professional training. Because Mojo Media Labs promotes the value of professional development, Mike was excited to use this feedback to delve into employee requests for additional training and guidance.

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