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How to Leverage Hard-Earned Success

In today’s increasingly millennial-filled workplace, happiness matters. Dan Schawbel, an expert on millennials in the workplace, notes that millennials "want companies ... to eliminate the traditional 9-to-5 workday [and encourage] collaboration instead of isolation ... Millennials, relative to older generations, are all about giving back to communities that align with their core values." Quite frankly, they want to be fulfilled by their jobs.

And imagine how powerful it would be if you could show that you offer that fulfillment. That you are a flexible, transparent organization that values employee sentiment. After all, it’s an ultra-competitive fight out there to recruit top talent, and you sometimes you have to take out all the stops.

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Rather than list in bullet points why your company is an awesome place to work, let your employee surveys speak for you. The fact that your company focuses on employee engagement should be something that any employer would want to emphasize to potential recruits.

Look at what Geeks2U, a computer and laptop repair company and TINYpulse client, does on its Join Our Company page:

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Quick Tip:

How to Make Peer Recognition Even More Visible to Job Candidates

Public acknowledgements of a job well done are always appreciated. And they’re all the better if they help you snag that candidate you really, really want.

Nothing shows potential recruits how much you value your employees more than physically posting their accomplishments where everyone can see them. You can do like we do in our office and put all those great peer-to-peer recognitions on a monitor where they can stream live for all to see:

Or, if you prefer a lower-tech solution, print out those positive acknowledgments and create a peer recognition wall.

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