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“TINYpulse has become a critical part of our business. We use it to get an honest pulse and present the results and feedback with our team.”
Rebecca Reott
Associate Director of Human Resources
Since joining Hanapin, Rebecca has helped to propel the company from #40 to #21 and then to #7 on the list of Indiana’s Best Places to Work. As Associate Director of HR, she oversees recruitment and onboarding and is responsible for managing functions from training and development to benefits, employee relations, corporate policies, compensation, and overall company culture.

We first started using TINYpulse in July of 2013. Our employees had an adjustment period getting accustomed to pulse surveys.

Not long after we launched TINYpulse at Hanapin in 2013, our company experienced major growth and we nearly doubled in size. Throughout this transition, our business operations, like onboarding and training new hires, had to keep up with our rapid start-up growth and commitment to culture.


Since we started using TINYpulse, we’ve been able to spot happiness trends and correlate them to what’s happening with the business.

From February to May of 2015, we saw the happiness average drop from 8.8 to 7.7. When business gets tough and the team is stressed, or there are a lot of things in flux with internal operations, morale sometimes takes a hit. Employee happiness scores climbed back up throughout the year as they always do, but we saw the same drop the next time folks became very stressed again.

Watching our happiness trend has helped us create a business case for additional stress management training, improved internal resource allocation, and hiring of new team members with a longer lead time. With our pulse survey insights, we are able to track a pattern in our team’s overall happiness trends that ties closely to periods of success and high stress.


Our office culture is very open, and we highly prioritize work-life balance. We love TINYpulse’s Cheers for Peers feature because it has helped us increase recognition on both a peer and executive level. We look closely at our employees’ Cheers for Peers activity and use the “Cheers sent” statistic to gauge employee morale. We know that if there's a lower number of Cheers sent out in a week or a month that morale may also be lower.

Cheers also allow us to give recognition to remote workers, who don’t have the benefit of face-to-face interactions and praise for a job well done.

Now at our yearly celebrations, we have awards centered around Cheers that we present to the employees with the most received and most sent.

TINYpulse’s anonymous Virtual Suggestions have also given us keen insights on when problems are arising. We’ve been able to know when our departments aren’t exactly aligned through individuals pointing out specific problems and offering to help fix them as a Virtual Suggestion.

One specific example was a suggestion that there weren't enough eyes on each of our client accounts. This employee put a lot of thought and input into their suggestion, and we ended up changing our internal account structure. Now instead of one person managing each account, there are small teams managing clients together.