Pulsing for directors

Directors are flocking to use pulsing surveys

Give Your Team What They Want

We asked over 1,000 employees how often they wished their managers would check in on ways to improve workplace satisfaction. Believe it or not, nearly two-thirds of all employees wanted a check-in every two weeks or more.

Employees all want to spend their days at great workplaces, and they know proactive managers committed to their well-being will make this a reality.

With pulsing surveys, this happens automatically. One simple question is sent out every week. Your employees get an easy way to share their thoughts, and you get an easy way to stay on top of what they want.

How Often Do You Wish Your Direct Supervisor Would Check In to See How You Were Doing?

Less than every 2 weeks Every 2 weeks or more

Retain Your Top Talent

Did you know that 33% of your employees think about looking for a new job every two weeks or more? Now imagine if that represented the best and brightest members of your team. How would you possibly meet your deadlines and deliverables when you’re down valuable team members?

Directors are using pulsing surveys to keep on top of retention-busting issues and to drive increased engagement all around. Just listen to Justin Swanberg, Director of Finance & Operations at IT brokerage firm Stratacore. Thanks to implementing regular pulsing surveys, he knew in a heartbeat when an attrition issue was on the horizon and was able to nip the problem in the bud before he lost a valuable team member.

Pulsing surveys and their ability to benchmark employee sentiment make it easy for managers to spot problem areas and tackle them before they become nasty nightmares.

Align Team Members ... Even If They Work Remotely

Do you have team members that work only mornings? Maybe only late afternoons? Or maybe they work 9 to 5 ... 12 time zones away.

In today’s increasingly dispersed workforces, it can be hard to manage team members, let alone align them under one core culture. Yet companies in diverse industries like construction, IT, and professional services are all using pulsing surveys to keep their remote or distributed workforces engaged and focused.

“[It’s] much easier to address issues, and we can act immediately as new ones arise.”
Robert Glazer
Managing Director

As Robert Glazer, Managing Director of a marketing agency with a 100% distributed workforce, explains, “Our distributed setup made it difficult to [foster communication and regular feedback] in person and we needed a way to create a positive feedback loop throughout the organization.”

But thanks to using TINYpulse’s pulsing surveys, “[It’s] much easier to address issues, and we can act immediately as new ones arise.”

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