Pulsing for HR managers

HR leaders are flocking to pulsing surveys

Once-a-Year Surveys Just Aren’t Enough

No doubt you’re familiar with the annual employee survey. Heck, you’re probably more than familiar. You’ve probably helped run one or two (or more!) since you’ve been working in the HR field.

But annual surveys are fraught with problems. When we asked 500 managers to share why they were dissatisfied with annual surveys, nearly one-third shared their disappointment with the lack of real-time feedback annual surveys provided.

  • 16% noted that a survey every 12 months doesn’t capture workplace evolutions.
  • 14% recognized that employees will likely only remember recent events — not necessarily major issues that plagued them 11 months ago.

It’s time to bring people analytics into the 21st century. All your counterparts have analytics platforms giving them weekly, if not daily, insights into their key metrics. Don’t you want the same for your people metrics too?

With TINYpulse, you get just that. Once a week, you get tabulated survey results giving you a real-time look at what employees really think and deep insights into where you need to act.

Be Better at the Tasks You Already Manage

Performance reviews? Career pathing? Professional growth plans? Employee benefits? What’s on your HR to-do list? From growing organizations to established settings, HR leaders everywhere are letting employees tell them what really matters ... with pulsing surveys.

Just listen to Miles Pember, HR Director at Ratio Interactive. Thanks to TINYpulse, he learned firsthand that the Ratio team didn’t have a good sense for their professional growth opportunities — a scary thing when you’re trying to retain top talent in a hypercompetitive job market.

But with real-time feedback at their disposal, the team was able to spring into action and know exactly which employee engagement task should be on their task list.

Knock Recruitment out of the Park

No doubt one of your core responsibilities is seeking out the best and brightest talent around and making sure they can’t wait to work for your organization. Believe it or not, pulsing surveys can help with this too.

It’s hard to stay competitive when other companies are offering cool perks and high salaries. But have you tried showing off what an awesome culture you have? You can with TINYpulse.

When you track employee satisfaction regularly, you can demonstrate to prospects just how happy and satisfied your employees really are.

Check out this great idea from the team at Geeks2U, a computer repair service. They post their employee happiness graph on all of their recruitment pages.

“There’s no doubt in our minds that TINYpulse is important to our recruitment efforts.”
Michael Hancock
Strategic Planning Manager, Geek2U

Michael Hancock, Geeks2U’s Strategic Planning Manager, swears by the practice. “We mention it in all of our recruitment ads and talk about it on the ‘join our company’ page of our website as well. We publish our all-time employee happiness scores and the positive feedback that we’ve received from staff through TINYpulse on that page too.”

“There’s no doubt in our minds that TINYpulse is important to our recruitment efforts.”

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