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The Manager's Handbook for Effective Performance Management

Learn what performance management is and how to manage employee performance in your organization.

As a leader, you know the joys, aches, and pains of managing people. YOU are the one responsible for your team, department, or company’s results—the good and the bad.


At the same time, you’re probably reading this book because you want more. You want more from your team. You want more from yourself.
You want to be an exceptional leader. That starts with managing performance the right way.

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What you get in the Handbook:

  • Boost Your Career - With better performance from your team, you’ll become known as an exceptional manager—one who has the talent to motivate others to perform.
  • Self-Confidence as a Leader - New managers need to get over any impostor syndrome and start feeling like seasoned pros.
  • Meaningful Connections with Your Coworkers - Think about the best leaders you’ve worked with. They are admired because they build deep, genuine connections with the people who report to them.
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