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"I've worked in some world-class companies and I admit that I didn't realize how
much I didn't know about being an effective manager until Perform."

Grady Karp, EMC


Management doesn't have to be hard



Why waste time with unproductive, irregular conversations around performance? TINYpulse Perform helps you build your performance portfolio week over week so you don’t have to spend hours compiling your information at the end of the year.



Work with your team members to agree on goals, track weekly progress, and make adjustments in real time. Foster a culture of full accountability for engaged employees, elevated performance, and a happy workforce.



Avoid the surprises that typically come with the annual performance review. No more excuses that expectations were unclear or that people were working on the wrong tasks, because you’ll be in a cycle of real-time coaching feedback.

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Delighted customers

Cory Archer
Director of Support
DataBank IMX 

"TINYpulse Perform helps us track what's important in regard to performance. It's simple to use and the best way to keep everyone on the same page." 

Rebecca Reott
Associate Director of HR
Hanapin Marketing

"TINYpulse Perform is useful because it allows managers to easily apply the same goals to many people. Employees also have the flexibility to create their own goals so everyone is continually working towards higher performance."

Adrienne Szewczyk
Director of Strategic App Services

"I love how Perform nudges me weekly to evaluate the performance of individuals on my team far more regularly than I normally would.”

The next generation of performance management
Fast and Efficient Performance Reviews | TINYpulse
Speed and Efficiency
Access anywhere, anytime, with mobile-first technology. Get instant notifications when it’s time to rate performance and simply swipe up, down, or right to submit your rating.
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Transparent Performance Reviews | TINYpulse
Team Transparency
Track success throughout the year with the performance dashboard. Get a summary of your team's performance with charts like average rating over time, team ranking, alignment of your ratings compared to company benchmarks, and more.
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Clear goal setting with performance reviews | TINYpulse
Clear Goal Setting
Create goals for all purposes. Company goals from the CEO, team goals from managers, and personal goals from individuals ensure everyone is on the same page. Help your team continuously improve performance through frequent ratings and coaching feedback.
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360 Feedback
Send feedback requests to teammates, managers, or even to people outside of your direct organization. Their candid feedback can be attached to goals or simply used to make adjustments.
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Seamless 1:1s
Add important details to support your performance instantly. Effortlessly forward emails related to your goals and accomplishments with PerformSync®. By integrating peer recognition and 360 feedback, Perform provides everything related to you and your team’s performance all in one place.
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Powerful Dashboards

View the performance of everyone in your organization. See stats for each team or drill down to view individual members. Stay up to date with how managers are leading their teams with key metrics like 1:1 compliance, team alignment, coaching, and overall happiness.

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Proof that it works

Taking a Pulse on Performance


Using Performance Reviews to Boost Employee Happiness

TINYpulse Perform improves employee happiness with effective performance reviews
Employees and managers think performance reviews are too time-consuming, too one-sided, and too late to do any good ... Read more >>


“TINYpulse pays for itself; my turnover has improved because I can get ahead of employee issues, both big and small." 
 Harry Ross, Director of HR, Brenthaven

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