Company values are the North Star that guides your business and define who you are as an organization — yet only 42% of employees know what their company's values are.

Join our webinar to hear CEO Henry Albrecht share top insights on how Limeade has used their company values to recruit the best employees and build the #1 workplace in Washington state.

You'll also learn how to specifically turn your organization into a values-driven culture that's embraced by both leadership and employees. Specifically: 

  • The crucial role values play in your company
  • Which values are right for you
  • The importance of hiring and firing by values
  • How to implement yours into daily culture

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 Henry Albrecht, CEO at Limeade







Henry Albrecht is the CEO and founder of Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company that improves well-being in the world through happy, healthy, high-performing workforces. Prior to founding Limeade in 2006, Henry was a VP of Product Management in enterprise software, a marketing leader at Intuit, and a professional basketball player. He earned his MBA at Northwestern.


Kevin Nakao, Head of Employee Engagement at TINYpulse


Prior to joining TINYpulse, Kevin Nakao was the cofounder and CEO of MeritShare, an online peer recognition service acquired by TerryBerry in 2014. He is the former COO and President of WhitePages, Inc. He has also served in senior roles and as an officer at publicly traded companies including RealNetworks, Fox, and Universal Music. Kevin has an MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Whitman College. He is a guest writer for Mashable, TechCrunch, and GeekWire on marketing and employee engagement.