There’s no doubt about it - training employees to deliver great customer experiences is critical. The real secret to standing out though? Empowering your employees to feel motivated and committed on a daily basis through great work culture. 

Companies that embrace the relationship between employee engagement and customer engagement as a strategic priority can expect greater client loyalty, retention, and advocacy. The benefits are insurmountable, but still many companies today are not leveraging it to their best advantage. 

Join this free webinar to learn:

  • How to build a culture of employee motivation and engagement within your organization
  • Data trends
  • How to measure your client happiness

This webinar will feature BJ Shannon, Head of Customer Happiness at TINYpulse, and Emily Tetto, Director of Talent and Culture at Acceleration Partners. Emily will share insights and specifics on how Acceleration Partners has created a culture of engaged, happy employees, and how that’s translated into happier and more loyal customers. 


 Emily Tetto, Director of Talent and Culture at Acceleration Partners






Emily is an event marketing and operations professional who helps manage AP’s unique culture, plan company events, and recruit top talent for our ever expanding team. Prior to joining Acceleration Partners, Emily worked for Reebok International as an event marketing manager and PBD Events as an event design and marketing manager. She has also held HR positions at Bain & Company and Fidelity Ventures. Emily earned a BA in business management from Gettysburg College and a certificate in meeting and event management from Northeastern University. Emily enjoys traveling and has explored five continents and twenty-five different countries. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children.

Acceleration Partners 

B.J. Shannon, Head of Customer Happiness at TINYpulse


B.J. Shannon is the Head of Customer Happiness at TINYpulse, an anonymous feedback tool that companies use to gauge how happy, frustrated and burnt out their employees are before retention sinks and issues grow. After spending 10 years at an online marketing agency he co-founded, B.J. decided that he wanted to switch directions and spend his days helping employees be happier and engaged in the workplace. At TINYpulse, B.J. manages outreach and customer happiness, enabling him to to see first-hand the enormously positive effects of giving a voice to employees at companies across the globe.