Come & Get Your Cheers On!

Do you love Cheers for Peers? Well, you're going to love it even more. We've got some brand spankin' new updates that'll have you wanting to give Cheers till the cows come home!

Cheer 'Em Back

Most good deeds are rarely solo activities. So when you get a cheer, don't you want to give a cheer back? Soon you can! When you receive a Cheer, you can now send a big virtual high five back to that Cheers giver. Just open up the cheer, start typing out your words of thanks and appreciation, and hit "Send".

Your Cheers karma is going to go through the roof.




Pictures and Video Coming Your Way

A picture is worth a thousand words. So shouldn't your Cheers get to include pictures? Now they can. Check out the snazzy new icons at the bottom of your cheers field to start inserting pictures or videos into your Cheers. 





Admit it, you've been dying to include great pics from company meetings, team outings, or heck, even your favorite movies. Soon you can! 



And while you're at it, include a video that captures the moment just right.



And here are just a couple other additions to make this a seemless update:

  • To ensure PG-rated pics and videos, Cheers givers will have to have their names attached to these jazzier Cheers.
  • For you extra special folks using our Cheers feed, your feeds will show images, but videos won't play. And, you'll be able to exclude a Cheers to make sure that super duper top secret projects stay under wraps. 

Come Thursday it will be even easier to brighten up someone's day.