Get state-of-the-art employee engagement software. Loved by hundreds of businesses.
  • Organizational psychologist approved questions and templates.
  • World class analysis, recommendations, & customer success.
  • Hundreds of companies trust pulsing for higher engagement and improved culture.

Plus Upgrades

Get a custom-tailored solution. Recommended for Enterprise customers.
  • Slack, MS Teams, and HRIS Integrations
  • Peer to Peer Employee Recognition
  • 1-on-1 Coaching & Goal Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting and More

Get 100+ features out of the box.

TINYpulse has a wider selection of features than almost any engagement partner in the market. See what's included:

Employee Pulse Surveys

Powerful but lightweight questions and assessments to measure your organizational health.

Custom Surveys & Templates

Choose the business themes you want to explore. Any frequency, size, and anonymity.

Science-Based Questions

Get a growing bank of questions. Approved by organizational psychologists.

Employee Segments

Analyze employee feedback by filters like location, role, tenure, department, and more. Run surveys according to your employee segments too.

Peer Recognition

Cheers for Peers — one of our most popular features. Send and receive recognition to colleagues. Attach GIPHYs, photos, and even giftcards. View recognition in a live feed.

Virtual Suggestions

Create safe channels of communication between employees and leadership. Upvoting shows the most important and talked-about suggestions.


Get higher response rates. Connect TINYpulse to where your employees are already doing work. Slack, MS Teams, HRIS, and more.


Do you have engineers? You can build your own custom integrations on top of your TINYpulse data.

Mobile App & SMS

Make responding to employee surveys easy via smartphone apps. Distribute surveys via SMS.

Reporting & Analytics

Track and trend the metrics you care about. Heatmaps, shareable reports, and more.