Dashboard Overview

See anonymous feedback from your employees on how happy they are at work, things that are going well, and things that may need to be improved.

Jump to results from any previous survey and watch the dashboard update in real-time.
See which segments posted the highest scores.
Check out who sent and received the most Cheers for that survey period.
Get a boost by seeing the three responses with the highest score for that survey.
Never fall behind by viewing new suggestions as they're submitted.
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Peer to Peer Recognition

Watch your culture grow with peer to peer recognition.

Suggestions and Solutions

Source great ideas and solutions from your employees to get in front of issues before they effect culture and morale. Did you know, only 4% of issues within a company are known to executives? 100% are known to staff.

Measure Happiness

Measure and improve your culture and morale over time. When happiness is measured, happiness improves. A happy culture is a better performing culture.

Visualize Solutions

See suggestions and solutions categorized so you'll know exactly which areas need improvement.