Matt Hulett

CEO of ClickBank

I wanted to monitor where everyone's morale was at over time in order to see how we were trending. TINYpulse in and of itself made a statement to my employees that my team and I were ready to listen. We found some areas especially around team events that we needed to increase because we had/have two different teams with different businesses that never really interact.


Amy Balliett

Founder and President
of Killer Infographics

To be honest, I didn’t realize we needed TINYpulse before, so I didn’t have expectations because I didn’t know how well it would be received. Now though, my team looks forward to it every week because they can be honest without any fear. The best part of TINYpulse is the Cheers for Peers section. Every week our team gets to pat each other on the back and really let someone shine.


Kevin O'Conner

CEO of FindTheBest

Set it and forget it: Requires zero admin time. Every Wednesday I simply review the results with my exec team and fine tune things to make sure the company is happy and productive.

Adoption: Never seen such high adoption rates. Everyone loves to give their feedback via TINYpulse and trusts the system (plus it is fun).

ROI: Happy employees = productive employees. Everyone always asks how we have such high retention and great company culture and we tell them “TINYpulse!”


Iain Macrae

National Australia Bank

TINYpulse has been a very useful tool for capturing feedback from our people on what is important to them and through taking action on that feedback we have been able to lift our internal employee engagement to record levels. We're fine tuning how we use TINYpulse in the coming year to ensure that we sustain and hopefully further improve our level of employee engagement.


Kymber Waltmunson

King County Auditor's

TINYpulse is a great tool to get regular feedback about how things are going in the office. It is quick enough that it doesn't infringe on people's time. The regular check ins improve morale just by their existence.


Ben Jesson
and Dr. Karl Blanks

Co-founders of
Conversion Rate Experts

A wonderful tool for measuring the happiness of your team, and optimizing your company culture for long-term success. We’re recommending it to everyone we know.


Kevin Maude

CEO at B47 Studios

Adoption was main concern. It has been complete opposite of what I expected. To have a staff engaged in using the tool was a welcome surprise. You can’t afford not to use this tool.


Randy Stocklin

CEO of One Click

I honestly cannot recommend TINYpulse enough. If you are serious delighted improving your culture and increasing the happiness level of your employees, you will not find a better service on the market to help you with these initiatives.


Clint Howitz

Founder of dogIDs

TINYpulse has been a very effective and efficient way for the management team at dogIDs to stay "in-tune" with the collective attitude of our team and has been a great tool for our team to give thanks to peers with more impact than traditional recognition methods. Very pleased with the product.


Keith Paulin

Group General Manager
SEO Works

Working in a 100% virtual environment as we do can make it difficult for team members to voice concerns and for leadership to miss vital information delighted team moral. We started using TINYpulse to receive feedback delighted the overall happiness within our company. We have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been to integrate into the weekly schedule and the open and honest answers we have been receiving. Cheers for Peers is particularly popular among the team and is a great way to show your appreciation when you don’t have personal interaction with your colleagues every day! TINYpulse has allowed us to implement new systems and roll them out easily; Most notably because some of these were requested from the employees themselves, and not created by management. This means they were accepted and adopted faster by the team. I can’t recommend this tool enough as a means of listening to your team and improving company culture.

Mario Ochoa, Co-Owner of Sammis & Ochoa

Michael Rose, CEO of Mojo Media Labs