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“We continuously teach employees that unless they share their problems, we’ll not know what’s going on and we’ll not be able to better ourselves.”

Joint Managing Director
Jasjit S. Ahluwalia is young, dynamic and goal centric. Having studied finance and economics from the University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.; thereafter gained a quality experience in the various segments of providing Risk Management Services at the Premier Shield and with the Steele Foundation in United States and Europe.

Tag World is a global company based in New Delhi, India, with more than 10 office locations worldwide. They introduced TINYpulse in the winter of 2014 to help their leadership team better understand their employees’ needs. Now, almost three years into pulse surveying, their participation rate is at an average of 65%, up from 39% in their first year.

Jasjit Ahluwalia, Tag World’s Joint Managing Director shares how his team encouraged their employees to partake in weekly surveys and trust leadership with their anonymous feedback.

We have an open office culture, so everyone talks about TINYpulse — it’s part of our induction process. Employees know its importance because everyone talks about it when they receive the question of the week.

When we first introduced TINYpulse, many employees felt doubtful about whether their responses were completely anonymous. There’s a tendency to think that management is untrustworthy, so our goal was to educate everyone about what our goals are.

Once employees start trusting the new system, their participation momentum picks up. After participation increases, oftentimes it’ll slowly start to drop again. That’s when managers really need to push that momentum back up. It’s easy to slack off for a few weeks — even for leadership who is implementing the questions — but you have to make the time to fix problems and not let the participation rate drop.


We recently implemented leadership changes on different levels. Through the TINYpulse questions, we’re able to see a leader’s rating either drop or rise. These numbers really show how receptive our employees are to a new manager.

During our TINYpulse reviews, we talk about the ratings and score for each admin that’s administering the weekly pulses to their teams. We discuss each of the team’s participation rate, so that puts pressure on each of the admins to encourage participation. Our TINYpulse superadmins help keep the admins aligned with their goals and help keep track of changes, including how many people are coming and going from each department.

In order to ensure that each leader is held accountable not only for their team’s performance but also for their engagement, each TINYpulse admin is responsible for sharing their participation numbers with the rest of the admins.

Once we started receiving feedback from employees, we applied specific leadership changes and were able to see the rating numbers go back up.


We recently relocated our headquarters to a new office. During this transition, we were receiving a lot of feedback from employees who were having trouble with transportation costs for the new location. It became clear to us that we needed to help out with transportation funds.

An example was when an employee wanted to move to a different department and expressed it in anonymous feedback. Through our private messaging, I was able to to better understand this employee’s needs and ultimately help them transition to a new department.

Our teams are hierarchical, so it’s difficult to connect with employees who are five or six levels in between me on a weekly basis. I would have never known about this employee’s needs unless they expressed it.